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Stephen Curry of Golden State Warriors participates in practice 5-a-5

OAKLAND, Calif. – Golden State Warriors superstar, Stephen Curry, participated in his first 5-on-5 fight on Friday since he suffered a Grade 2 MCL sprain in his left knee on March 23.

A day before the Warriors begin their In the second round of series with New Orleans Pelicans, Curry said he is making significant progress toward a comeback soon.

"I'm getting there, for sure," Curry said after practice. "I've done a lot of things in the last two weeks, especially with my feet moving, going back to the movements that I hope to do in the games and I try to develop that tolerance and intensity, my knee feels pretty good. things that I've been doing. "

The sniper is still questionable for Game 1 on Saturday.

"He's definitely more excited that he's about to come back," Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. He said.

Curry's scrimmage was blocked from the view of the media by a blue curtain. Prior to that, he had participated in his second full day of practice.

The team's training staff wants to see how your body feels in the morning and then evaluate it after the morning practice before determining its status.

"I am confident that I will wake up tomorrow feeling good, and there is still another layer of conversations that must happen on whether it is the right play to play tomorrow," Curry said. "But yes, that's basically where it is.

" … Once I get over all those checkpoints and have confidence in myself and my body, I'll be out there. Whether it's tomorrow night or Tuesday or beyond, that's the process. "

Curry acknowledged that there were moments of frustration during his rehabilitation.

" I love playing basketball. That's what I love to do, and it sucks when you're not able to do that, "Curry said." Therefore, part of that is like adrenaline and the excitement and anxiety of getting closer, closer, of getting closer again. floor. … But that's the hardest part of dealing with injuries. People who do not like to play can simply get over it, but if you really love being around and being with your teammates and playing basketball with the gift they have given me, you have to be nice. to keep your eyes on [goal] and focus on that. "

Golden State, for the most part, has had problems in his absence.

With Curry in the lineup this season, the Warriors went 41-10 while averaging 120.4 points per 100 possessions, which would be the best qualification. offensive in the last 20 seasons, however, with him off the field, the Warriors were only 17-14 in the regular season and had an offensive efficiency that was just around the league.

eager to meet his teammates after missing the last 15 games, Curry said he had to be cautious to try to return, and that it was imperative that he not return prematurely. [19659002] "I'm trying to be smart about it," he said. "That's the most important thing we learn" In g, My knee two years ago, and this year, and ankle stuff and all that, I want to be outside Obviously, I'm competitive I want to be there for my teammates When we are a complete squad, we are hard to beat, and I want to be out in the fray with my guys. That's what it is about. "


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