Stephen Colbert urges Americans to ‘hold tight’ during election night panic

FThis year before us, Stephen Colbert had one of the worst nights of his professional life during a live election night on Showtime. He was really hoping that things would improve this time.

“We don’t know what some of tonight’s shows are going to be,” the host warned the audience. “It’s like making cookies and we don’t know what’s going to happen in batches, chocolate chips or raisins or little thumbs.” As Republican operatives predicted his plan to cast Democratic votes, Colbert said, “You know the old saying: If you can’t beat them, find a judge who says, ‘You know.’ What? You really ‘beat’ them.

“So as we travel into the unknown,” Colbert said, “Please be patient with us, and with yourself. Hold on tight. Hold on to your loved ones. Grab your pets. And if you want anything else Holding, please turn off your zoom camera. “

Wearing a suit for the first time since the epidemic began, the host admitted that a lot of people are asking him why he was doing a live election night again specifically this year. “We did it four years ago, and it was quite famous, a painful experience,” he admitted. “But you know what? I don’t want to be with anyone else, but you

But mostly, Colbert was happy on Showtime, where he was free from the CBS censor that kept him in check Late show. “Because holy crap, this is a weird fucking election,” he said.

Charlemagne was God and co-host of Showtime Circus All re-joined Colbert after four years and were similarly disappointed. Another return guest, comedian and “on the bright side, it’s a big night for women who listen to their husbands.” Daily show Alum Jenna Freedman, joking at one point.

“What the hell is going on?” Charlamagne once asked when it became clear how close the results would be. Alex Wagner predicted that we would not know the winner of the presidential election until at least Thursday.

As the show extended its allotted time, Colbert found out that he had bumped off his animated Showtime series Our cartoon president. “Hey, they can get another season!” Colbert joked in the dark.

In 2016, Colbert closed his Election Night exclusively by going off-script and giving an entertaining, insightful speech about how America got to the point that he could elect Donald Trump.

“So how did our politics become so poisonous?” He asked at that time. “I think it’s because we bought this year specifically. We drank a lot of venom. You take a little bit of it so you hate the other side. And it tastes kinda good and you like that How it feels. And there’s a higher level of condemnation, and you know you’re right. “

This time, Colbert ended the night by requesting him to be patient with the US. “We’ve been waiting for this for so long,” he said, comparing the 2020 election to Christmas, and not just because of the decision-making man in the red hat. “

Now that “millions of people voted for the epidemic, an army of election watchdogs and even the post office” to vote this year, Colbert said, “All those votes are worthy of counting.” “

Since we have been waiting for President Donald Trump for four years, he concluded, “I know we have all met, which takes a while to wait.”

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