Stephen Colbert defends Meghan Markle and attacks British royal Jeffrey Epstein

OROn Monday, the evening’s hosts (without Trevor Noah, who sadly isn’t here this week) addressed the news that wowed 17 million Americans: Oprah Winfrey’s primetime interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who came out of the British royal family for what the two characterized as a campaign of gaslighting, neglect and racist treatment. Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at the royal family’s “inbred” past, while Stephen Colbert began his riff on a slightly funnier note.

From the part of the interview where Markle claimed that she had never looked up Harry online (yeah right!), Late show the host snapped, “What! Let me introduce you to this thing called Google. There, I think it’s called “Truck”. It is full of useful information; for example, it turns out that her husband knew Princess Di. That could have been an indication that this was going to be a tough job. “

Then the catch: “Also, while you’re googling, you might want to try the ‘Andrew’, ‘Island’ and ‘Epstein’ combo. It will give you an idea of ​​what the royal family is fine with. “

Colbert, of course, was referring to Prince Andrew, the supposed favorite son of the Queen of England. Virginia Roberts Giuffre alleged that late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein sexually trafficked her with the prince at least three times, charges that Andrew has denied, while a former Epstein employee has claimed he saw Andrew “fight” with a topless girl in Little Epstein St. . James – A private island in the US Virgin Islands, called a “Pedophile Island.”

While Prince Harry was stripped of his military titles by relinquishing his royal duties, Prince Andrew was allowed to keep his titles even though he also walked away from his royal duties following Epstein’s accusations. Buckingham Palace has not carried out an investigation into Andrew and instead has been carrying out a dubious case of “intimidation” against Markle.

Later in the Oprah interview, Markle said that Harry’s family members had “concerns and conversations about how dark [Archie’s] the skin could be when it was born. “(Harry corroborated the claim.) That caused Oprah to exclaim in amazement:” What ?! “

“I agree. What ?! And let me add, huh?” Colbert added. “I’m going to risk here that there’s a chance, just a chance, mind you, that this medieval selective breeding program could be … racist?”

“Also, it is never good when the British ruling class thinks someone is too dark,” he continued. “They steal their land and make them play cricket.”


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