Stephen Colbert completely outbid Mike Pompeo’s claims, Trump won the election

Stephen Colbert lost it on Tuesday night.

Sitting next to a bottle of champagne, Late show The host began their monologue by saying, “Oh, what a strange, troubled world some people would like it to be. Yesterday, I was pouring champagne to toast the administration, and today” – before sniffing the bottle, its broken. Holding the dead end, and shouting – “If you come to me I will cut you off, because there is some crazy shit out there!”

Colbert was angry about Trump’s “baseless allegations of non-existent fraud” in the 2020 presidential election, as well as his instructions to his staff to block any and all cooperation with President-Elect Biden’s transition team Were.

On top of that, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, other Republican politicians, and Trump Bootlecker on Fox News are all echoing the president’s dangerous and completely unfounded claims that the election results are illegitimate. Washington Post Top Republican officials were quoted as saying, “What is the downside to humiliate them for this short period of time?” No one seriously thinks that the result will change. ”

“Should our entire political system arrange to salute the wounded feelings of that lost person?” Colbert asked before addressing Pompeo’s statement that “there would be a smooth transition for a second Trump administration.” (Pompeo Statement repeated Later on Fox News, ‘Brett Barr.’


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