Stephen A. Smith: people close to Jeanie Buss who implore him to exchange LeBron James

Jeanie Buss and the Los Angeles Lakers are having a few difficult months. On Wednesday, they reportedly broke the talks with Tyronn Lue after the two sides could not reach an agreement. Now, Stephen A. Smith states that people close to Buss are telling him to switch to LeBron James.

Yes, I'm sorry SAS, but I do not buy this. I understand that Buss and those who are close to her do not want LeBron to run the organization, but no one in their right mind is telling anyone with the Lakers to exchange it.

James needs to be managed and can not become the de facto general manager of a team, but LA desperately needs it. Clearly, the team and its star player must join and put themselves on the same page, but no, the Lakers should not exchange it.

It will be interesting to see how the next weeks unfold. The Lakers need a new coach and they should probably clean the house in the main office. That must happen before any reconstruction of the list.

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