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Steph Curry shoes: Riley Morrison, 9, asks why they are only available for children and the Warrior star responds.


NEW YORK – When Riley Morrison, 9 years old, could only find Stephen Curry sneakers the size of a child, she was frustrated. She was so frustrated that she wrote to the Golden State Warriors superstar, who responded with an apology and an invitation.

"We are correcting this now!" the Most valuable player in the league he wrote in a letter to the Golden State Warriors fan, who lives in Napa, California.

Morrison was looking for a new pair of sneakers to start her basketball season, and was disappointed that her shoe of choice, Steph Curry's signature Curry 5s, was not available in women's sizes. Morrison told Curry that he asked his father for a pair of shoes because she was a big fan of him and that he enjoyed going to the Warriors games with his father. He also noted that the shoes were available in sizes for children and that they could also be customized.

"I hope you can work with Under Armor to change this because the girls also want to rock the Curry 5," wrote Morrison.

On his return note, Curry mentioned that the children's shoes that Morrison saw on the Under Armor site were actually unisex, although they could only be found in the young men's section of the website. To remedy the situation, the basketball star promised to send Morrison a pair of Curry 5 immediately and make sure she was one of the first to score a pair of her upcoming Curry 6.

"I want to make sure you can use my kicks with pride," Curry wrote.

As of Thursday afternoon, the Under Armor website added a section for girls for their Curry footwear. For Curry 6, which launches on Christmas Day, the box will also reflect the size of the same sex instead of implying that the shoes were only for children, said Dean Stoyer, spokesman for the company.

"Thanks to Riley and Stephen, we are correcting a simple but critical error," Stoyer wrote in an email to CBS News.

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However, the budding friendship of Morrison and Curry will not stop at sneakers. Curry also invited his young fan to join him in a special event planned for March 8 for International Women's Day.

"More to come in that," he wrote. "But plan to be in Oakland that night!"

Curry has spoken openly about equal opportunities for women in the past. In an August opinion article for the Players Tribune, Curry wrote that he hoped that his two daughters, one of whom also happens to be called Riley, would "grow up knowing that there are no limits that can be established in their future, point".

Curry also organized a women's basketball camp last summer, an event that Morrison referred to in his letter. He has mentioned plans to make it an annual event.

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