Steph Curry of the Warriors showed love for the players in the NBA restart on Twitter

Programming Note: Watch “Race in America: A Candidate Conversation” on Friday, July 31, after the conclusion of “Giant Postgame Live” on NBC Sports Bay Area.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr posted a powerful photo on Twitter last week featuring former Golden State players Devin George and Sleepy Floyd.

Two former warriors were seen wearing the uniforms of the No. 8 and No. 46 warriors, indicating the length of time – eight minutes and 46 seconds – that former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin stabbed George Floyd’s neck, Which led to Floyd’s death.

So how did this tribute happen?

Sleep Floyd told of the backstory during the latest episode of “Race in America: A Candid Conversation”, which will air on Friday at NBC Sports Bay Area after “Giants Postgame Live.”

He said, “I have a great relationship with the Warriors.” “I still do a lot of community stuff – various projects that they call me out for. The PR department reached out to me and they wanted to do something to make an impact.

“I felt it was tremendous. It’s very creative. So they sent out a jersey and we took a lot of photos (with different angles and different background colors) and they basically took it from there. . “

[RACE IN AMERICA: Listen to the latest episode]

Now the image is a profile picture of Kerr on Twitter, which can serve as a great reminder that the fight for racial equality is over.

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As Sleepy said, a lot of work lies ahead.

“Don’t forget. They (warriors) want to keep it in people’s minds. People are still dealing with challenges,” he said. “This is something we have to fight to move forward … influencing the community in our own personal ways. Doing those uncomfortable conversations – which I’ve had with many of my friends.

“I’ve actually cut some of my friends (later) some of the things that they’ve posted about this whole situation from the beginning.”

Don’t forget to watch the entire conversation on this Friday night.

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