Steph Curry has given ‘outside shot’ in 2020-21 NBA MVP, says Jeff Van Gundy

If the Warriors are expected to return to the NBA title competition during the 2020-21 NBA season, they will need Steph Curry to play at the MVP level.

With Kevin Durant gone and Kel Thompson expected to miss a second straight season due to injury, all offensive focus for the Warriors will be on Curry. After all, that is the system, and it will be no more apparent than this season, which has been going on since Tuesday.

But can Curry really win after five seasons of winning his last MVP? ESPN’s color commentator Jeff Van Gundy believes.

“You know who I think is an outside shot, and I didn’t mention it yesterday when I was talking about MVP, Steph Curry is”, of the presence game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns During Friday night Van Gaddi said. “Steph Curry, because of his injuries, he has the opportunity to put in a big number. Now, I’m not sure that Golden State is good enough for him to win that in that conversation, but I think Steph Curry is Bounce back with an incredible year.

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If the Warriors’ three presidency games are any indication, Curry will be a high-usage player for them this season. After a 10-point performance against the Denver Nuggets in their first game in nine months, Curry dropped back-to-back with 29-point attempts against the Sacramento Kings.

In those two games, Curry combined 26 3-pointers and made 11 of them. With Thompson, it is safe to assume that Curry would bomb from a long distance. If he averaged 15 3-point attempts per game, Curry put up grisly stats and possibly led the NBA in scoring.

But no player would win the MVP by leading the league in scoring. Just ask Houston Rockets star James Harden, who led the league by nearly four full points last season, yet did not get a single first-place MVP vote.

Van Gundy is right. The Warriors have to win to get any ideas for the MVP. But if Golden State returns to the top of the NBA mountain, it will be largely due to Curry. That would naturally generate MVP buzz for him, no matter what number he was putting in.

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As much as Curry would like to win a third NBA MVP, he would have a fourth NBA championship.

This season, either of those achievements will calm Curry’s suspicions and disorientation.

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