Stella Emanuel, Trump’s new COVID-19 doctor, believing in alien DNA, demon sperm, and hydroxychloroquine

A Houston doctor who praises hydroxychloroquine and says facial masks are not necessary to stop the transmission of highly contagious coronovirus has become a star on the right-wing Internet, which was viewed tens of millions of times on Facebook on Monday. Donald Trump Jr. declared Stella Emanuel’s video a “must see”, while Donald Trump himself retweeted the video.

Before Trump and his supporters embrace Emmanuel’s medical expertise, however, he must consider other medical claims that Emmanuel has made, including Alien DNA and the physical effects of having sex with witches and demons in your dreams Are included.

Pediatrician and religious minister Emanuel has a history of making bizarre claims about medical topics and other issues. She has often claimed that gynecological problems such as ulcers and endometriosis are actually caused by people having sex with devils and witches in their dreams.

He alleges that Alien DNA is currently used in medical treatment, and scientists are creating a vaccine to protect people from being religious. And, despite appearing in Washington, DC to lobby for Congress on Monday, it has said that the government is not run by humans but by “Reptilians” and other aliens.

Emmanuel delivered his viral speech on the steps of the Supreme Court in “White Quote Summit”, a gathering of a handful of doctors who describe themselves as America’s frontline doctors and dispute medical consent over the novel Coronovirus. The event was organized by the right-wing group Tea Party Patriots, which is backed by wealthy Republican donors.

In his speech, Immanuel alleged that he has successfully treated hundreds of patients with hydroxychloroquine, a controversial treatment Trump has promoted and says he has taken on his own. Studies have failed to find evidence that the drug has any benefit in treating COVID-19, and in June the Food and Drug Administration revoked its emergency authority to use it to treat the deadly virus, Saying that it has not affected the patients’ chances of mortality.

“Nobody needs to get sick,” Emmanuel said. “There is a cure for this virus.”

Emmanuel stated in his speech that the perceived potency of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment means that protective face masks are not necessary, claiming that he and his staff wore COVIDs despite wearing medical masks instead of the more secure N95 masks Had avoided taking -19.

“Hello, you do not need a mask. There is a cure, ”Emmanuel said.

At the end of Emmanuel’s speech, the event organizer and other participants can be seen trying to get him off the microphone. But footage of the speech captured by Breitbart was an online hit, becoming a top video on Facebook and viewed nearly 13 million times – much more than “Plandemic,” another coronovirus disinfection video that became an online viral hit in May Gone when it was roughly amassed 8 million Facebook views.

Emmanuel’s video was trended on Twitter by “hydroxychloroquine” by Trump, conservative student groups Turning Point USA, and Trump supporter celebrities such as Diamond and Silk. But both Facebook and Twitter eventually removed videos of Emmanuel’s speech from their sites, citing rules against the dissolution of COVID-19. Another round of complaints was removed by conservatives of bias on social-media platforms.

Emmanuel responded in his own way, declaring that Jesus Christ would destroy Facebook’s servers if his videos were not restored to the platform.

“Hello Facebook put my profile page and video or your computer back until you crash,” she tweeted. “You are not older than that God. I promise you. If my page is not a back up face book it will be below the name of Jesus. “

According to the Texas Medical Board database, Emanuel is a registered physician in Texas, and operates a medical clinic outside a strip mall next to his church, Firepower Ministries.

Emmanuel was born in Cameroon and received his medical degree in Nigeria. In a GoFundMe legal defense fund that swells from just $ 90 to $ 1,616 hours after his speech, Emanuel claims without any evidence that his support for his hydroxychloroquine, a member of the Houston Networking Group for Women Physicians, has given his medical license Are planning to take

It is unclear whether anyone is actually trying to get Emmanuel’s license. But many of his earlier medical claims are certainly patchy.

In sermons posted on YouTube and articles on his website, Immanuel claims that medical issues such as endometriosis, ulcers, infertility and impotence are caused by sex with “spirit husbands” and “spirit wives” —ea Emmanuel essentially Describes sex as witches and demons in a dream.

“They are responsible for serious gynecological problems,” Emmanuel said. “We call them by all kinds of names — endometriosis, we call them molar pregnancies, we call them fibroids, we call them ulcers, but most of them are bad deposits from the soul husband,” a 2013 sermon by Immanuel Said about medical issues. . “They are responsible for miscarriage, impotence – men who can’t get it.”

In his sermon, Immanuel offers a kind of demography of the “Nephilim”, biblical characters who claim that they exist as demonic spirits and lust after sex in dreams with humans, causing real health problems. And all cases of financial waste arise. Emanuel accuses real-life diseases such as fibroids and cysts of demonic sperm from occurring after dreamy sex, an activity she claims “affects many women.”

“They turn into a woman and then they sleep with the man and collect his sperm,” Emmanuel said in his sermon. “Then they turn into man and they sleep with a man and accumulate sperm and over-fertilize themselves.”

According to Emanuel, people can tell if they have taken a demonic soul husband or soul wife if they have sex dreams about someone they know or a celebrity, awake, to their real spouse. Stop associating with, or lose money, or generally experience any difficulty.

Alternatively, they can have dream-sex with a human witch instead of just a demon, she poses.

“They are what are called subtle lingas,” Immanuel said in the sermon. “It means that this person is not really a demon or a nephilim. It is just a human being who is a witch, and they micro-project and sleep with people.”

Immanuel’s bizarre medical ideas are not stopped with demon sex in the dream. In a 2015 sermon, an explicit Illuminati plan hatched by abortion, gay marriage, and a “witch” to destroy the world using children’s toys was laid out, among other things, that Emmanuel claimed that at present DNA from space aliens is being used in medicine.

“They are using all kinds of DNA, even foreign DNA, to treat people,” Emmanuel said.

Emmanuel’s website originally provided a prayer to remove a generational curse derived from the ancestor, but transmitted through the placenta, at Emmanuel’s behest. Emmanuel claimed in another 2015 sermon that scientists planned to install microchips in people and develop a “vaccine”, making it impossible to become religious.

“They found a gene in someone’s mind that makes you religious, so they can vaccinate against it,” Emmanuel said.

Immanuel built on her fascination with witchcraft in her 2015 Illuminati sermon, claiming that the witches were intent on seizing control of the children.

In his 2015 sermon on Illuminati’s alleged agenda to bring the United States, Immanuel argues that a wide variety of toys, books and TV shows from Pokémon, which he declares to be the “Eastern Devil” Harry potter And Disney Channel shows Wizards of Waverly Place And that’s so Raven Were part of a plan to introduce children to spirits and witches. Emmanuel warned that the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana There was a gateway to evil, as its character had an “alter ego”. She has claimed that schools teach children to meditate so that they can “meet demons.”

In the sermon, Emmanuel preserved special vitriol for the Magic 8-Ball, a toy that can be moved to “reveal” any answer. Emmanuel claims that the otherwise unharmed Magic 8-Ball was actually a plan to instill magic in children.

“8-ball was a psychic,” he said.

Emanuel’s bizarre claims about the world span politics. He did not publicly bring the charge to Washington, but Emmanuel has claimed that the US government is run in part by non-human reptiles.

“There are people who are ruling this nation who are not even human,” Immanuel said in his 2015 Illuminati Sermon, before launching into a conversation he had with a “reptilian soul” whom he called “half-human, Half-ET “told.

Emanuel has also used his pulpit to spread hatred to LGBT people. Shortly before the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, Emanuel warned his flock that gay marriage meant “too soon people are going to marry children” and to practice “gay terrorism” on gay Americans Charged. In the same sermon, she praised the father’s decision not to love her transgender son after a gender change.

“You know the crazy part?” Emmanuel said. “The little girl demands that he should love her.” Actually? You won’t get it from me, I’ll be like ‘Little Girl’ when you come back as a little girl, but you talk – for now, I’m gone. ”

Unusually for a pediatrician, Emmanuel has praised corporal punishment for children. The American Academy of Pediatrics opposes corporal punishment, and claims that the “vast majority” of pediatricians do not recommend it.

“Children need to be whipped,” she announced in a 2015 sermon, before adding that she did not think that children should be “abused.”

It is also not clear that Emmanuel complied with his claims that face masks are not necessary. In his Washington speech, Immanuel claimed that he and his medical staff avoided any COVID-19 infection while wearing only a medical mask. But in two videos shot at his clinic, Emmanuel is seen wearing an N95 mask, which provides greater protection.

Emmanuel has also alleged that all types of masks are redundant, as she states that COVID-19 can be easily corrected with hydroxychloroquine. But in a Facebook video advertising his clinic, Emanuel said that anyone looking for treatment should wear a face mask before entering the clinic.

“Wear a mask, or a scarf, or anything to cover your face,” Emmanuel said in the video.

Emanuel has captured his new favorite celebrity, with CNN host and National Institute of Health Infectious Diseases head Anthony Fausi tweeting a video demanding that he check if they are secretly taking hydrochlorchloroquine , As they caution against its use.

In his challenge, Immanuel tweeted, “I’m double dog y’all, give me a urine sample.” ”

Now Emmanuelle is the angle for the heady rites of passage for any budding MAGA-world personality: a Trump White House tour. Monday night, Emmanuel Tweeted That she was open to meeting the President.

“Mr. President is and is available in the city,” he tweeted. “I’d love to meet you.”



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