Steelers win the season opener 26-16 over the Giants

It took the Steelers a while to get started for the openers, but once the defense provided a spark, the offense responded.

The first takeaway of the season was provided by linebacker TJ Watt early in the second quarter, followed by quarterback Ben Rothlysberger soon after throwing a touchdown pass, and the Steelers rallied from a pair of early losses and ultimately led the Giants to 26 Turned away from -16. Monday night at MetLife Stadium.

“I felt they showed their subtlety,” head coach Mike Tomlin rated. “I thought they were physically tough, mentally tough, but we want to do some things better.

“I appreciate the effort, we’ll just search for a higher ceiling.”

Watt’s fourth career interruption left the Giants ‘second quarter with 12:35 left at the Giants’ 36-yard line and the home team went 10-3.

Roethlisberger kept the possession alive with 18-yards to complete Eric Ibron from the 31st to the third end of the Giants and then finished it in third-and-7 with a touchdown pass to wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster. did. Benny Snell’s blitz pick up from New York 10. Running safety Jebril Papers helped Rothlisberger give Smith-Schuster enough time to run in the final zone.

The extra point attempt from kicker Chris Boswell hit right up and the Giants held a 10-9 lead, but not for long.

Two possessions later the Steelers had a halt after a punt for 78 yards before trailing in the final 1:32.

He needed 1:25 to get his first lead of the season.

Roethlisberger gave up wide receiver James Washington for 21, Smith-Shuster for 17 and Smith-Schuster for 11 for 11 and Giants 13 with 14 seconds left before halftime.

From there, a slanting catch and run-way for Washington turned into a touchdown when Washington conceded a Rothlysberger pass at 10, splitting Adrian Colbert and Julian Love at 2 and driving through Love and at the goal line .

A successful conversion from Boswell trailed the Steelers’ lead to 16-10 before the teams crack their locker room.

“It brought back memories,” Smith-Shuster said of the two-minute march.