Steelers Pre-Senior Bowl 7-Round 2021 NFL Mock Draft

Out of the AFC North Division title, the Steelers are in a precarious position Nfl draft. The Browns closed the Steelers’ Super Bowl window with a stiff defeat in the wild card round. He has several important free agents who will leave only so much cap space to work with this offseason. In this Pittsburgh Steelers 7-round 2021 NFL mock draft, I will try to navigate the muddy waters they will enter this offshin.

Ben Roethlisberger seems to be on his hind legs, even though he may have it all for another run. Major free agents including Bud Dupree, Juju Smith-Shuster, Alejandro Villanueva, Cameron Sutton, James Conner, Tyson Aluelu, and more can hit the market, and holes in this team can be plentiful.

However, with the news that Roethlisberger’s quarterback coach Matt is likely to return as an offensive coordinator in addition to Canada’s high level, there are clear draft indications and fit. In this class, they attempt to build around a designed nucleus.

Steelers Pre-Senior Bowl 7-Round 2021 NFL Mock Draft

  • Round 1, Pick 24: Alex Leatherwood, OT, Alabama
  • Round 2, Pick 55: Creed Humphrey, OC, Oklahoma
  • Round 3, Pick 87: Amari Rodgers, WR, Clemson
  • Round 4, Pick 118: Kylin Hill, RB, Mississippi State
  • Round 4, Comp Pick: Embry Thomas, CB, Michigan
  • Round 6, Pick 188: William Bradley-King, Edge, Bayrel
  • Round 6, comp pick: Aaron Banks, OG, Notre Dame
  • Round 7, Pick 209: Quinton Morris, TE, Bowling Green
  • Round 7, Pick 218: Justin Hilliard, LB, Ohio State

Steelers 2021 NFL Mock Draft Pick-by-Pick Analysis

Alex Leatherwood, OT, Alabama

A senior Bowl invitee, Alex Leatherwood is a name that will be familiar to many. His promotional train is one that has been building over the years.

For the Steelers, this pick makes little sense. The aforementioned Villanueva and Matt Feiler are both likely to be dropped from this agency through free agency. Still, keeping in mind that the Steelers’ weak position this season was their offensive line. While pass protection did an outstanding job, the Steelers were the worst run-blocking unit in the league.

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Leatherwood immediately rides aboard and helps fix that issue. Furthermore, as it relates to the run-blocking problem, Leatherwood is large, powerful, and aggressive. Thus, the combination of those three traits creates a possibility that will move people.

Leatherwood is polished and is a true plug-play connected to the left tackle on day one. However, he comes with a nice added luxury of positional flexibility, as he also has enough experience at guard. In this 7-round Steelers mock draft, they pull the trigger on Leatherwood.

Creed Humphrey, OC, Oklahoma

The focus on the offensive line and the running game in general is to clarify this offense. Roethlisberger is not the quarterback he once was and can no longer carry a team on his back. He should improve himself to help improve the environment around him. With his best friend and longtime center Maurice Pewsey potentially calling it a career, the Steelers have a gaping hole they must fill.

Like, enter Creed Humphrey. Humphrey is a prospect that will baffle some fans. Listen, he is not going to give you a tempting pancake that ends on the highlight reel. However, what stability Humphrey brings to the table. He is tough, strong, smart and precise in everything. Essentially, Humphrey is a commander and excellent communicator.

In that way, he is already somewhat of a veteran presence. He may not be the best athlete, but it is not a hindrance either. Humphrey is an easy pick in this 7-round Steelers 2021 NFL mock draft.

Amari Rodgers, WR, Clemson

I am sure this is about to turn some heads given the Steelers’ needs. Am I really going to select another receiver on day 2?

the answer is yes. In this 7-round Steelers mock draft, they jump to a wide receiver for two reasons. One, Smith-Shuster could walk this offseason. If this happens, it leaves a clinky alignment of the receivers left in the room. Secondly, this team needs more speed and YAC capability in the room.

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Those traits are exactly what Amari Rodgers brings to the table. A true slot receiver, Rodgers can step into the role of Smith-Schuster but give it a twist. Instead of a big slot role that Chase Kleppul could fill when asked, Rodgers added another YAC threat to supplement Diana Johnson. Rodger reminds me of Debo Samuel. Fitted with a Canadian offense and jet sweep like a glove. Rodgers around Rothelisberger can add another dimension to the Steelers offense.

Kylin Hill, RB, Mississippi State

The running back pick is finally here! The Steelers may have taken one before this, but the value on other selections was much higher. Thus, it is best to know what to do at the disposal of the Steelers. He would have to be a running back pick at some point of this draft, possibly losing to James Conner in the back room without running back. Kylin Hill could be that man.

Honestly, the thing that tells me a lot about Hill is how often he gets the chicken salad out of the chicken crap. The hill is covered with brick. He invites contacts and punishes the defenders in the hole. Nevertheless, another important point makes an impact in Hill’s receiving game. Hill may not step in and be a lead back immediately, but he may very well emerge as the man by the end of the year.

Ambrey Thomas, CB, Michigan

The Steelers’ cornerback room is solid on paper, entering this Steelers 7-round mock draft. However, Mike Hilton and Sutton are free agents this year. As a result, they likely lose one of those, and Joe Hayden is getting no younger. James Pierre’s promise and Justin’s ability to take is huge, but you can never have enough quality corners on a team.

Ambrey Thomas There was an opt out this season in which the Steelers should be interested. He can actually get up there and play in press coverage. This appears to be where Thomas is most comfortable.

Fortunately, he is not lost in zone coverage. Within Thomas there is a feeling for the passage combination. In addition, Thomas has a football IQ and hurry where he wants to go and make a play on the ball. Add to his ball skills, and Thomas is a solid fourth-goal cornerback option.

William Bradley-King, EDGE, Baylor

With the possible departure of Bud Dupree, the Steelers will need someone to add to their depth. Alex Highsmith is an excellent starter, but they can’t keep him and TJ Watt on the field for 95 percent of the snacks. Thus, William Bradley-King makes sense for the Steelers in this 7-round mock draft.

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Bradley-King fits what the Steelers like in their edge guys. He turns around, plays tall, and violently. More importantly, Bradley-King has several tricks that he can deploy. Bradley-King is heavy-handed and packs a punch. Therefore, he can run fast and win with the usual dip-rip or his own hands. He has a great club-rip trick in his arsenal. Bradley-King first goes to a typical age class, but a deep age class helps the Steelers find a boy like himself.

Aaron Banks, OG, Notre Dame

Following the same theme of attacking the offensive line, Aaron Banks is a true and blue brand for the Pittsburgh Steelers. A person-proposer and maid, Banks has a mindset that made fans fall in love with Kevin Dotson in 2020.

Additionally, he is the man who will put the defensive lineman’s opposition in the dirt. Banks is just an all-around good football player who can underline his draft status. In this 7-round NFL mock draft, Banks adds extra guard depth behind Dotson and David DeCastro.

Quinton Morris, TE, Bowling Green

In the seventh round, you are looking for a person who is upside down. For example, the Steelers are particularly needed in their tight end rooms. Steelers need to invest in this room to some extent, with the possibility of Vance McDonald or Eric Ebron leaving. It can undoubtedly come earlier than this, but they wait until later in this draft, seeing how the board collapses.

And hey, Quinton Morris is a good consolation prize. Essentially, Morris is all upside down. A former basketball player, Morris has legitimate speed, and as an F-receiver or even a flex-y, Morris can fit in quite well in the Steelers offense. Above the rim, Morris is consistent, thanks to his basketball experience. Even as a blocker, Morris has evolved with his quickness and hand use. In this Steelers 7-round mock draft, he placed bets on Morris’ continued improvement and traits.

Justin Hilliard, LB, Ohio State

The depth of the Steelers linebackers was slim this season. In addition, they will likely lose agency to free Avery Williamson. This is a situation in which they require some depth, despite flashes by Marcus Allen and Robert Spillane.

Thus, Justin Hilliard is a solution to help alleviate those problems a bit. From a net impact point of view, Hilliard is an excellent dealer and will contribute on special teams. You can never have a substantial solid contribution on special teams.

More importantly, Gapier has broken down the slope to make plays in the backfield to hit a goalie. Additionally, he shows some side-to-sideline range. Hilliard plays tough games and has the traits to go with it. Accordingly, the Steelers will love him.

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