Steam’s Lunar New Year sale has started and you can stop by to get free stickers

The sale is open until Monday, February 15 at 10:00 a.m. M. Pacific Time

Just at the right time, the Steam Lunar New Year sale started today and continues through Monday morning.

I’m going to drop a few suggestions, and hey, maybe some of them stick. You probably know exactly what you want – that’s what wish lists are for – but if not, here are games to get you started.

Random Tip: If you scroll down the Lunar New Year page to the “Popular” list, there is a tab called “Discount Amount”; it’s a good way to see big discounts at a glance if you’re looking for budget results.

What to buy, what to buy … sometimes the answer is “nothing at all!” Take it from Ned.

Steam Year of the Ox Stickers

Even if you are looking to stay out of this sale, you may want to stop by a few times anyway. You can get an animated ox sticker for free every day on Steam. Just go to the point store and see what you get.

I received the “Red Envelope Ox” today. Not my favorite of the pack (I prefer the noodles), but cute nonetheless.

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