Steam Winter Sale is back with big discounts

The annual Steam Winter Sale is still going on – and with it, voting for The Steam Awards until 2020. The sale will run until Tuesday, January 5 at 1 pm EST and, as always, offers huge discounts on big names and current releases.

Right now, there are dozens (if not really thousands) of games at $ 10 or less, and they are being offered at up to 75% off the list price. which consists of Arc: Survival Evolves At $ 9.99 (originally $ 49.99), age of Empires 2: fixed version (Half off at $ 9.99), Cry away new dawn $ 9.99 (down from $ 39.99) and Watch dogs 2 At $ 9.99 (usually $ 49.99).

Other special offers include Ace Combat: Sky is unknown At $ 19.79 (down from $ 59.99); Horizon Zero Dawn Full version At $ 39.99 ($ ​​10 off), Secaro: Shadows Die Twice (GOTY version) $ 38.99 (35% off), and Death trap On $ 29.99 (half off).

For the 2020 Vapor Awards, Valve has selected five nominees in 10 different categories, and not all the candidates launch games in 2020. Categories range from “Outstanding Visual Style” to “Best Game You Suck At,” and Game of Light. Claimants of the year include 2018 Red dead redemption 2 And 2019 Trap of death However it came to steam in July 2020. Voting is open on January 3 through noon EST.

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