Steam Flat-Out Refuses to Sell Sleazy Super Seducer 3 Pickup Game

This image from the game's press kit is called

This image from the game’s press kit is called “Get Her Into Bed 1”.
Screenshot: Richard The Ruin

The third dating game from guru and author Richard La Ruina. Super seductive A series of full motion video dating sims will not be released on Steam, because the service does not “send sexually explicit images of real people” – just tons and tons of animated porn.

After weeks of back and forth between La Ruina and Steam, much of which has has been documented on the author’s Twitter feed., Valve’s online game store finally dropped the hammer March 19th. “We have finished reviewing the latest version and we will not be able to send Super seductive 3 on Steam, ”the message reads. “As we mentioned earlier, Steam does not send sexually explicit images of real people. After multiple resubmissions and product reviews, we feel we are at a standstill and therefore this decision is final. “

Steam has removed the store page for Super seductive 3 completely. The page is gone. The “61,700 wishlists” former sexual assault instructor Richard La Ruina points out as a hint of enthusiasm for the game that they are no longer valid. The previous two games are still on sale, with no indication that they are in danger of being eliminated. Richard La Ruina is currently receiving donations on their website to try to launch the game.

Not having seen much of Super seductive 3, it’s hard to say what content Steam had problems with. It could have been the room full of lingerie-clad women kissing, a scene that serves as a mechanism for judging the player’s performance after completing seduction scenarios.


In this scene I think La Ruina is supposed to be the sexual Jesus.
Screenshot: Richard The Ruin

It’s a bit spicy. Not as spicy as saying, Sheep love, a Steam game that you definitely shouldn’t be looking for, but that’s fine because they’re cartoons If you want real people porn, you will have to look elsewhere, like the internet.


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