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India's Statewide Disease Burden Initiative recently published its first report that provided a comprehensive and standardized comparison of health loss caused by different diseases and risk factors, in geographic units, bades, and age groups over time. The years of life adjusted for disability (DALY), which is the sum of the years of life lost due to premature death and a weighted measure of the years lived with disability due to illness or injury, are a key measure to map this change.

Table 1 represents the epidemiological transition relationship, defined as the ratio of DALYs caused by communicable, maternal, neonatal and nutritional diseases (NMC) to those caused by noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and injuries, among 1990 and 2016. A ratio greater than one indicates a higher load of NNMCs than NCDs and injuries. As the two maps of India show, this relationship has declined in all areas, suggesting a change in the country's disease patterns. In other words, although mortality due to NNMC has declined substantially, and Indians live longer, the overall burden of morbidity from NCDs and injuries has been increasing. Table 2 shows the aggregate data in this regard.

Table 3 shows the change in the 5 main diseases, in terms of DALYs, in 1990 and 2016. This table also shows a mbadive change. For example, measles, which ranked fifth in 1990, ranked 59th in 2016. Figure 4 shows the five main risk factors facing Indians. While air pollution has increased, metabolic risks, p. high blood pressure, they have climbed quickly on the ladder.


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