State Officials Closed More OC Businesses as Second Coronovirus Wave Increases OC’s HospitalificationsVoice

Orange County has withdrawn to the most restrictive levels of the state’s business reopening system as the second coronavirus wave is hitting the county and rapidly sending more people to hospital beds.

The OC now sits in the Purple Tier, the most restrictive level.

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This means the end of indoor operations in restaurants, gyms, places of worship and movie theaters, while the rest of the businesses have to limit indoor operations. Most college classes – except laboratory classes – will also be taken back to video conferences.

Primary, junior high and high schools that have already reopened will not be affected by OC’s return to the Purple Tier.

“We are seeing a community spread across the state of California,” he told a news conference on Monday.

State public health officials removed a two-week waiting period before the counties advance or fall into the system due to the rapid spread of virus cases across the state.

All Southern California counties now sit in the Purple Tier.

Matters are rising so fast, Newsom said they are entertaining the idea of ​​a possible statewide curfew.

“The notion of a curfew … we’re also assuming that,” Newsome said.

He said officials studying curfew effects from France, Germany and Saudi Arabia.

“What does the actual curfew mean in terms of certain types of industries and business sectors,” he said. “We really want to bear the data.”

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