State of Decay 2 just received a 20 GB patch

State of Decay 2, the new zombie apocalypse survival simulator from Undead Labs and Microsoft, has just been updated to version 1.2 with a 20GB patch. In addition to greater stability, better network interactions and no more memory failures, it promises a variety of specific solutions for various problems. "Zombies no longer become immune to the badault hit," for example, and "the grenades no longer get stuck and explode in front of the face of the client's character or behind their head as they launch." You can read the full notes of the patch on the official website.

According to studio leader Jeff Strain, "This patch today is just the beginning, we have big plans for State of Decay 2, and we are honored and grateful to you for giving us the opportunity to make those great plans happen. "

Our critic Tom Hatfield enjoyed State of Decay 2, but ran into some mistakes. As he wrote, "The first sign of trouble is the command & # 39; get out of trouble & # 39; on the menu, and I actually ended up leaving two different cars because I put them on stage, while a third developed a strange tendency to blink In and out of existence until it was repaired, none of these problems broke my game, but they did mean losing a six-seater armored truck in which I had invested a lot of resources. "

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