State of Amalur: Reckoning Remaster is out now

If you are in the market for new hack and slash RPG adventure, then you are in the wrong place, because the kingdom of Amalur: Re-Reconnecting is technically an old hack and slash RPG adventure. The 2012 game’s remaster came out today, bringing slightly better graphics and gameplay to an older fan. There is still a 50% discount on Steam if you already own the original game. If only THQ Nordic had given it a little good name. I have already triple-checked that I have not “rewritten” several times.

Re-reckoning does not look super different from Reckoning, although they say they have “recovered all the textures” and “improved the rendering engine”. There is now ultraviolet support, as well as some new graphics options, game balance tweaks, and even a new Very Hard difficulty setting.

What’s more exciting is that next year the remaster is getting a new state of Amalur expansion. It’s called Fatesworn and, well, there really aren’t any more details on it at the minute. Keep an eye on it, I think. But it would at least be good for Amaloor fans to make a play of Rimster now, get a taste for it, and hopefully return for a new story next year.

The remaster comes with both older DLCs, Legend of Dead Kell and Teeth of Nros, so you’ll be able to explore them with the new look of the game as well.

Amalur is strange. Some people * (John Walker *) find it great that they are very disappointed and more people do not play it. Those people feel that it did not even need a remaster. And yet, Jim Rossignol’s review of Amalur’s Old State: Reckoning says the game was “boisterous but indifferent”. Strange crowd.

States of Amalur: Re-raking is available on Steam for the next two weeks with a 50% discount if you already own the original game. It is also available at GOG, Epic Games Store and Origin, priced at £ 35 / € 40 / $ 40. You can also go for the Fate Edition for £ 48 / € 55 / $ 55, which includes access to the upcoming expansion when it comes out in 2021. The game is also on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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