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Washington (AP) – Latest on Results In the thunderstorm of the Capitol by a crowd of Trump supporters (all-time local):

4:20 pm

The Foreign Ministry is investigating what appears to be a “prank” after suggesting President Donald Trump’s term ends on Monday evening.

The change in the department’s bio page for Trump – which displayed the text “Donald J. Trump’s term ended 2021-01-11 19:49:00” – created an Internet frenzy on Monday afternoon.

Trump’s pressure comes as Trump’s resignation comes under pressure and second impeachment comes after his supporters created a ruckus at the Capitol last week to hand over evidence of President Trump’s election defeat to Biden in the presidential election. Used to be.

Two people familiar with the incident say the department is investigating exactly how it happened. Although the department has not ruled out the possibility that the entry was the work of a disgruntled employee, they have yet to arrive at any conclusion.

People spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss it publicly.

The page has since been removed.

– by AP writer Matthew Lee


Here’s what you should know about the capital calling:

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What’s going on here?

4:10 pm

The Homeland Security Department has extended the opening security measures at a previously set pace, citing the “evolving security landscape”.

Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said Monday that he has taken the time for the National Special Security Program for the presidential election to be inaugurated on Wednesday instead of Wednesday, January 19. “The events of the last week,” he said, with an evolving security scenario.

It is the day when thousands of supporters of President Donald Trump attacked the US Capitol to try to block Congressional certificate of Biden’s victory. Five people died.

The FBI has also issued a bulletin warning of plans for armed protests in all 50 state capitals and in Washington, DC, leading to the inauguration of Biden.


2:55 pm

Democrats say the House will consider President Donald Trump’s impeachment on Wednesday, a week after an angry mob of his supporters attacked the Capitol.

House Majority Leader Stany Hoyer told Democrats on a call on Monday that members should plan to return to Washington on Tuesday evening over the House’s proposal to invite Constitutional authority to remove Vice President Mike Pence from Trump’s post To be considered. That resolution is expected to pass, but Pence is unlikely to act.

Hoyer says the House will consider impeachment on Wednesday.

House Democrats swiftly went on to draft an article of impeachment alleging Trump’s impeachment, as he falsely provoked thousands of his supporters in front of the riots by falsely stating that elections were stolen from them.

One of the article’s Democratic sponsors, Rhode Island Representative David Cicillin, says he has the votes to pass it.


2:45 pm

The agency overseeing security in the US House has a new leader.

Tim Erodgate, deputy sergeant-at-arm for the House, was sworn in to replace Paul Irving, who resigned following the riots in the Capitol last week.

Blodgate is one of three acting officers now leading security in and around the Capitol due to the violent siege that resulted in the death of five, including a Capitol police officer.

Jennifer Hemingway, deputy sergeant-at-arms for the Senate, is acting Sergeant-at-Arms for the Upper Chamber, replacing Michael Stanger. And Assistant Capital Police Chief Yogananda Pitman has been named acting chief after former chief Steven Sundar resigned.

The 20-year-old veteran Pittman is the first African American woman to head the Capitol Police. The department is facing intense scrutiny to anticipate the seriousness of the threat due to apprehension of a riot, poor planning and a serious response to failure.


2:40 pm

Former House Speaker John Boehner says President Donald Trump “should consider resigning from his post.”

Republican former Ohio congressmen began their remarks on Monday during a webinar on health care policy that spoke of unfounded claims by Trump and pro-Trump rebels of the siege of the Capitol last week.

Boehner said, “The president of America here instigated a riot in my view … and the Capitol was threatened.” “It is time for Donald Trump to consider resigning from his post. He has violated his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. “

Boener was a speaker from 2011 to 2015, and has made it abundantly clear from publicly commenting on Trump. But on Monday, he said Trump has “abused the loyalty of those who voted him.”

Boehner also targeted Republicans in Congress who, despite repeated calls from courts and election officials, made Trump’s “noise” about claims of electoral fraud, with no such evidence offered.

Boehner said, “Shame on them.” “Leadership Leaders.”


2:30 pm

President-Elect Joe Biden says he has spoken to Senate leaders about approving his major cabinet nomination and moving forward amid a possible impeachment lawsuit against President Donald Trump.

The House is preparing impeachment articles for the second time in a year. This time, it is in the US Capitol to help provoke last week’s violent rebellion.

But Trump left office on January 20 and the Senate likely won’t rise until next week, raising concerns among congressional Democrats that impeachment tests could monitor Biden’s presidential debut and confirmation of his choice for key positions .

After receiving his second coronavirus vaccination shot in Delaware on Monday, Biden alleviated such concerns, and suggested that the Senate could do both.

The president-elect said he would talk to Senate leaders about the division of the Chamber’s time and “go half a day to deal with impeachment, half a day to nominate my people and be confirmed in the Senate.”

Biden said such an arrangement would allow the Senate to work on another major pandemic response bill, which would include more funding for Americans struggling with the virus.


1:35 pm

Democratic Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman of New Jersey says she has tested positive for COVID-19 and believes she was exposed during a protective separation at the US Capitol Building as a result of Wednesday’s riots.

When pro-Donald Trump rebels stormed the Capitol, he reached dozens of safe havens. A press release from his office on Monday stated that “many members within the space ignored instructions to wear masks.”

Watson Coleman is isolated at home and is awaiting the results of another trial. She says, “When I see mild, cold-like symptoms, I live in good spirits and will continue to work on behalf of my parents.”

Watson Coleman received the first dose of the Pfizer / BioNotech COVID19 vaccine, which has been made available to members of Congress.

Some members of Congress created a ruckus in a large room for hours, while others were there for short periods.


1:30 pm

The head of the National Guard says that by Saturday at least 10,000 troops will be stationed in Washington, DC, and an additional 5,000 may be requested from other states.

The city currently has 6,200 guard members from DC and the surrounding five states. Officials brace for more as requests for guard members increase on Monday, possibly sparking violent protests around President-Elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Army General Daniel Hockson, head of the National Guard Bureau, told reporters that he had the authority to bring in more than 15,000 Guard members. The number of deployments is changing day by day, based on requests from the Secret Service, Park Police and Capital Police, he said.

Repeated questions have been raised about why the members of the Guard were not brought into the fast in the deadly riots in the US Capitol on Wednesday. Guard officials have said they responded as quickly as possible that the situation spiraled out of control, but the Capitol Police repeatedly turned down offers to help in the days before the protests.


12:25 PM

The National Park Service is closing public access to the Washington Monument until January 24, citing threats surrounding the opening of Joe Biden.

The agency said on Monday that it was implementing a temporary shutdown “in response to credible threats to visitors and park resources”.

Park officials say groups involved in last week’s riots in the US Capitol are “threatening to disrupt” Biden’s opening on 20 January. As a result, officials are closing the tour at the Washington Monument starting Monday. Running from 24 January. .

They say that they can also install some temporary closures for roads, parking areas and toilets on the National Mall and extend the closure if the situation persists.


11:45 pm

Assistant Capital Police Chief Yogananda Pitman has been named acting chief after the former leader of the department resigned following a fatal siege in the Capitol.

Pittman, 20, is the first African American woman to head the department. She joined the department in 2001 and served as captain, deputy chief and bureau commander.

Steven Sundar announced his resignation as chief of police on Thursday, following violent riots on Wednesday in which five people, including a Capitol police officer, were killed.

The department’s resounding response to the riot, poor planning and failure to estimate the severity of the threat has condemned the lawmakers. In addition to Sundar, Sergeants in the Arms of both the House and Senate also resigned.

The FBI is also investigating whether some rioters had plans to kidnap members of Congress and take them hostage.


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