State Department told him to plan possible protests after the announcement of Jerusalem –

State Department told him to plan possible protests after the announcement of Jerusalem


"They told us that this would definitely come and we have to be prepared," said one official.

  The White House is expected to announce the recognition of Jerusalem by the United States. UU As early as Tuesday

. President Donald Trump could announce on Tuesday that the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, US officials with direct knowledge of the matter and foreign diplomats told CNN. After making the decision public, Trump is expected to sign a waiver to maintain the US embbady. UU In Tel Aviv for another six months, but claim that his administration will move the diplomatic mission to Jerusalem at some point, a goal long sought by Israel. [19659005] The Diplomatic Security Service, which is responsible for protecting the posts and personnel of the United States. UU Abroad, he was already preparing for possible protests after Trump retweeted anti-Muslim videos on Wednesday. Officials feared a repeat of the violent protests in the US embbadies in the Middle East that erupted in September 2012 after the publication of an anti-Muslim video on the Internet. Embbadies in that region were already on high security alert.

A White House official confirmed that the State Department alerted the White House to these concerns.

  The State Department warned the White House about possible threats after anti-Muslim tweets

"It did not manifest itself in anything processable , but it was a big concern, "said a State Department official about retweets from the President's videos. "We saw in Cairo and elsewhere that simply posting something on the Internet, even if nothing was intended, could have real consequences."

Although no incidents were reported this week on the videos that Trump retweeted, a senior official said the situation served as a useful exercise in planning the announcement of the Jerusalem embbady.

"If there were protests, that would give us a good idea of ​​where it was going to heat up and where we had to take additional measures," the official said.

Officials said that the planning was limited only to how to react to possible protests after the announcement and did not include any preparation to protect any new or existing facilities in Jerusalem. In case the embbady moves to Jerusalem, the Diplomatic Security Service would be involved in securing the installation and its personnel.

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