State College, PA – The new executive director directs Pink Zone’s efforts to help breast cancer survivors do great things & # 39; –


October was National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but efforts to find a cure, raise money for research and disseminate information are not just a 31-day event. They are pushed 365 days a year.

Susan Woodring is helping to lead those efforts as the new executive director of the Pennsylvania Pink Zone. The Zona Rosa promotes cancer awareness and empowers survivors.

"It's really easy to talk about it because I love it," says Woodring, who was appointed to the position in September. "I love being able to help make a difference"

Woodring, a Penn State graduate, comes to the position with 34 years of experience in development and relationships with alumni in college. He held several positions within the development division, most recently as director of development and alumni relations at Penn State Altoona from 2003-17. She served in various development positions on the University Park campus for 20 years, including as an badociate director of development with the Eberly College of Science.

Woodring has a solid team behind her.

She says that the Pink Zone board wants to give away every dollar that is collected and not spend money on many administrative costs.

"I admire the desire to do that and I approve it," says Woodring. "I feel that often people are trapped in money and wages, but the board of the Zona Rosa wants the money to go to help women who suffer from and are diagnosed with bad cancer"

Woodring says that the Pink Zone team "has really dedicated a lot of time and they have invested their hearts and souls in their positions, it is overwhelming to witness their beliefs and see what they want it to be and become the Zona Rosa".

The Zona Rosa has grown a lot in the last 10 years, but there is a lot of work ahead. [19659002] Woodring says that the position has allowed her to build beautiful relationships, and she sees that as the best part of the job.

The main objectives of the executive director for the Zona Rosa are to build new relationships, administer current donors and expand the message of the Zona Rosa outside the Central Region.

The Zona Rosa is not only benefiting those in the local community, but is impacting organizations. He has created strong relationships with the entire state.

Beneficiaries include Geisinger-Lewistown Hospital, JC Blair Memorial Hospital, Kay Yow Cancer Fund, Mount Nittany Medical Center, PA Breast Cancer Coalition and Penn State Cancer Institute, among others.

"It has been an honor and a privilege last month to hand checks to these organizations and you simply can not imagine the stories you will hear and can not imagine the giant steps these organizations have taken for the gift we have given them. "says Woodring. "It's really an incredible situation for everyone."

The main focuses of organizations are awareness, education, diagnosis and treatment of bad cancer.

Over time, $ 1.6 million has been raised for the Zona Rosa in efforts to conquer bad cancer.

"We want to see these women as survivors who continue and do great things," says Woodring.

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