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A star from Vanderpump Rules is in the headlines of something other than the reality TV show. Stbadi Schroeder's podcast is losing advertisers after criticizing the #MeToo campaign during an episode on November 24. In Straight Up With Stbadi the star of reality frequently discusses news, relationships and personal interests, but this topic caused a lot of reaction from Twitter. Later on November 24, some of the advertisers of the podcast, such as Rent The Runway, Simple Contacts and Framebridge, announced on Twitter that they will be releasing advertisements from Straight Up With Stbadi . (Bustle contacted Stbadi's public relations representative to comment on the podcast's comments and the advertiser's tweets, but did not receive a response before publication.)

It's not yet clear or what the reality star said about the #MeToo campaign , since the podcast audio for the episode, entitled "Are we on a male witch hunt?" has been deleted. Stbadi explained the deletion in a tweet, where he responds to a fan by asking why the episode is no longer online and available to listen to. "Because apparently a lot of people were not ready for that," Stbadi wrote in the tweet, in which the fan's question is quoted in the retweet.

Because apparently many people are not ready for that yet.

– (@stbadi) #

According to the NY Daily News Stbadi reportedly tweeted the following in response to the reaction in a now tweet removed.

(Bustle also contacted Stbadi's public relations representative regarding this reported tweet, but did not receive a response).

Later, Stbadi tweeted the following on November 24 in a tweet that is still available online.

Around 5 people listened to this podcast and everyone else read AN appointment without the background story or context of a TWO-hour episode. Https: // t. co / 23EMPZpcMU

– (@stbadi) #

After that, he tweeted: "I just recorded a follow-up episode … stay tuned;)" along with a GIF from Dany Targaryen of ] Game of Thrones, saying: "I will respond to injustice with justice", so try as you can.

I just finished recording a follow-up episode … stay tuned;) D9j5xlv4V9

– (@stbadi) #

Stbadi is known for her impetuous personality and without complexes, as well as a scathing interpretation of everything: she herself in cluded. For a long time she has been an advocate of total revelation and self-love, and she openly discusses her own aesthetic changes, romantic issues and obsessive interests out of the ordinary. Vanderpump Rules has followed Stbadi through some tumultuous relationships and intense moments on the screen. Although it is currently unknown what exactly Stbadi said during his podcast, he has received a strong response from his listeners and advertisers.

Brands did more than end their publicity with the podcast: they made public announcements via Twitter condemning Stbadi's allegedly made statements, but they are no longer available online. Rent the Runway issued the following statement about the podcast and Stbadi via Twitter.

We are shocked by @ stbadi's comments about the #metoo campaign. It goes against everything that RTR represents as a company and has publicly advocated. Our first ads were scheduled to run on Monday, but from that moment we ended our relationship with their podcast.

– (@renttherunway) #

Framebridge also tweeted a statement on Straight Up With Stbadi in the next tweet.

In no way do @stbadi's comments about the #metoo campaign reflect our beliefs. We are ending our relationship with Straight Up with Stbadi Podcast with immediate effect. We will always support brave women who share their stories.

– (@framebridge) #

Simple Contacts also made a statement condemning the comments and announced via Twitter that they would withdraw their ads from the Stbadi podcast.

Simple Contacts does not agree with or approve of @stbadi's opinions. We have removed our ads from your podcast. Complete statement below.

– (@simplecontacts) #

Fans have also been tweeting their responses to the episode and what was said in the episode Straight Up With Stbadi .

Some Twitter users were offended directly.

@SouthSweetLady @stbadi It's only been 15 minutes and I'm already offended. I never heard such ignorance or general contempt for women. Literally it basically says that women only lie for attention and that we are only in a man with hunting

– (@marissalace) #

Ok, I just listened to the podcast and your comments were very insensitive. You have invalidated anyone who has ever been the victim of a violation by implying that they use #metoo as a way to get their "15 minutes of fame". No Stbadi, it's not so easy to say just say no.

– (@saphyreg) #

A Twitter user said they expected an apology no matter what in the next episode.

@stbadi I am more disappointed that you have deleted #podcast … at least defend your words. You said very clearly that you had been thinking about this for a long time. Your next podcast episode will not be full of apologies. #standbyyourwords #metoo #idrespectyoumore

– (@ drexel1977) #

Another fan was calling the other sponsors of the program.

@Casper Are you going to address the comments of @stbadi? Why are you sponsoring someone who hits women in the #metoo movement? #casper

– (@etoileslayer) #

Then there were some Twitter users who stayed true to what Stbadi said in his podcast episode.

Everyone, please, come together and send affection to @stbadi. She questioned the authenticity of the #MeToo campaign and the liberals are on a witch hunt.

– (@redpillblack) #

@stbadi You have by far the most fun and interesting podcast. Do not let the evil city depress you, as they say. ❤️

– (@mstcambot) #

Disappointed in People magazine, giving haters any attention for misinterpreting the @stbadi podcast. If there is someone who defends women, it is her! ❤️ #shameonyouPeople #poorjournalism #khaleesiforlife

– (@ amanda_renae81) #

Since the next episode of Straight Up With Stbadi is supposed to address the drama, fans are anticipating how the Vanderpump Rules personality will take care of everything. If there is something to be expected from Stbadi, it is the unexpected. Now, the only thing fans can do is wait for the answer.

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