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Start-up of Austin Tech Facilitated Viral Smash "Old Town Road": Lil Nas X bought the background song of success through BeatStars – Music

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Throughout 2018, Lil nas x bought a lot of background clues from BeatStars, an online music licensing platform where artists who record buy rhythms from producers. Her most important purchase came on November 5, when she paid $ 30 for a banjo-infused trap run by a Dutch teenager. Kiowa Roukema.

Less than a month later, Atlanta's budding rapper – real name Montero Lamar Hill – released "Old Town Road," an astonishingly catchy combination of rural and urban themes that includes the inspired couplet, "Gucci Cowboy Hat / Wrangler in My Booty" using the pace he authorized in Roukema, also known as Young kio, which includes elements of Nine inch nails deep cut "34 Ghosts IV." After a four-month wild ride that saw the viral song go off in the TikTok app, then a controversy arose over being fired from the country lists, "Old Town Road" is now at the top Billboard Hot 100 and broke the one-week broadcast record with 143 million US broadcasts. UU for seven days.

It turns out that the old cliché, "I listen to all kinds of music, except country and rap" is silly, after all.

"We expected this moment to happen and it is finally happening," said the CEO of BeatStars. Abe Batshon He says of his platform that he used to create a No. 1 hit. "This is a testament to why I built the company."

Batshon characterizes BeatStars as "a social music license platform for recording artists and music producers." Founded in 2008, Austin's music technology startup now registers more than half a million downloads each month, making it easier to license instrumental compositions that are used as backing tracks. For vocalists, as background music. Youtube Videos, and a plethora of other purposes.

As artists seeking music on the Internet increase in popularity, the CEO of BeatStar confirms that hip-hop is still the most important genre in its market, while pop music comes in second. You can also find reggae, rock, country and electronic tracks on BeatStars. Batshon notes that the platform hosts sounds from producers with platinum sales and Grammy awards, as well as creators of growing rhythms.

"Literally, we have kids on the shelf in their room, earning between $ 50,000 and $ 60,000 a month selling rhythms," he says of the market he designed to be "a network of entrepreneurs." "It's very open." There are no guardians. "

The BeatStars market, with its social media profile and ease of use ease of reproduction, facilitated more than $ 20 million in sales last year. Producers set their own price for rhythms, while artists who pay a monthly membership get 100% of the money from their sales and non-members get 70%. All parties receive funds at the time of the transaction, which is rare in the music business. Batshon emphasizes the transparency of consumer data as what makes BeatStars friendly with artists.

"We do not hold our users' data hostage, iTunes or Spotify, where you do not know who is listening to your music, you can not establish a relationship with your fans, you can not re-market them, "he describes." How do you expect the musicians to earn their living constantly without the built-in e-commerce? "

As for how the BeatStars license works, Batshon explains that the platform gives writers access to integrated agreements with a variety of options, even if it is exclusive or non-exclusive.

"We make sure that our producers take into account 50% of the writer's participation in the publication.If a song is removed, like & # 39; Old Town Road & # 39 ;, the producer is protected by the agreement", explains Batshon, noting that, in the event that a song becomes a mbadive success, the traditional industry – the main publishers and labels – will intervene and the track will leave the BeatStars platform.

Therefore, although YoungKio only charged Lil Nas X $ 30 for a non-exclusive Mp3, it is by no means the only money he is getting from "Old Town Road".

"That does not mean he has not given up ownership of his production," he says, "but YoungKio is still going to get a mbad publication agreement."

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