Starlink user is pleasantly surprised when the 10.7k foot off-grid cabin gets high-speed internet

Critics of Starlink may be quick to point out that satellite internet service doesn’t actually match the current speeds of today’s best fiber internet, but for those in remote areas, the Elon Musk constellation has it all. the potential to change the rules of the game. An example of this was recently shared by a Starlink user who shared his experience with satellite Internet service while staying in an off-grid cabin at an elevation of 10,725 feet.

In a post on the r / Starlink subreddit, u / wolf_lodge noted that he couldn’t believe he had internet access while staying in his remote cabin. The cabin is located in the Rocky Mountains, a few miles west of Aspen, Colorado, and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Considering how remote the location is, it’s almost hard to believe that the cabin has relatively high-speed internet access.

I can’t believe this is a reality. Internet 10,725 feet high in my off-grid booth. Thank you Starlink team, you are truly changing the world. by r / Starlink

The Starlink user did not share the exact speed of his internet connection when a video of the online setup was shared, although he did demonstrate how quickly he could load YouTube videos on a tablet. Based on the speed of the video streaming platform, it appears that the off-grid cabin high up in the Rocky Mountains was able to get some pretty good internet access thanks to Starlink.

The fact that Starlink provides Internet access to such remote areas is further highlighted by the actual travel from the satellite system to the cabin. Since the off-grid house is located at an elevation of 10,725 feet, the Starlink kit had to survive a 5-mile snowmobile ride up the mountain. Needless to say, the Satellite Internet Kit was able to reach its destination in one piece and was ready to ship as soon as it was installed.

I figured if the team survived fedex then it could survive a 5 mile snowmobile ride. Anyway, that’s the theory. 😳 Good luck, starlink, your ascent to an elevation of 10,725 feet begins now. 🤞🏻 by r / Starlink

Starlink is still in its early stages, and the constellation alone has more than 1,000 satellites in orbit today. This is a fraction of what Elon Musk envisions for the system, which is expected to grow to about 42,000 satellites when completed. Once this is done, Starlink has the potential to bring Internet access to every corner of the world, including areas located at an elevation of 10,725 feet, or perhaps even higher.

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