Starfield release window potentially revealed

In the immediate aftermath of a new report claiming that Xbox and Bethesda are scheduled to host an event of some kind next month, information about the possible launch window of Starfield it has also emerged now. While it’s uncertain whether these new details associated with the long-awaited RPG are legitimate, they do match what we’ve heard in the past about the game’s launch.

On ResetEra, a well-known leaker who goes by the username “NateDrake” mentioned Starfield and the launch plans that Bethesda has for it. Based on what this user has heard, Bethesda has been planning to release the game sometime in 2021 for quite some time. However, based on the events of the past year, plans may have changed. “There has been great hope and desire to have Starfield launch this year, “the post read.” Anyone can guess how significant the impacts due to COVID have been on the title, but 2021 was the target set for its launch a few months ago. “

Of course, with any such leak, it is always worth emphasizing that the details shown here could be very flawed. That being said, and as mentioned above, a 2021 release window for Starfield it’s something we’ve heard about in the past. A fairly credible report came late last year that also stated a 2021 target window in regards to Starfield. However, as NateDrake noted in his own post, it is unknown whether the COVID-19 pandemic may have caused an internal delay of some kind.

There’s also the possibility that once Bethesda becomes part of Xbox Game Studios, the powers that be ended at Microsoft may have different plans when it comes to Starfield. As such, this is a situation where Bethesda and Xbox interns may not even have a launch window for the game yet. So reserve your expectations for now.

At the moment, everything we know for sure about Starfield it’s, well, basically just that it exists. Bethesda has yet to confirm any kind of launch window or platforming for the game in its finale. If there is an event of some kind next month, maybe we will learn more at that time.

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