Stardew Valley Update 1.5 is almost here

StarDue Valley released well over four years ago and developed the Eric “Concerned App”, with Baron not slowing down as the game continues to improve and add more features. One of its major content updates is version 1.5, and Baron said that it is finally about to release.

Writing on Twitter, Barone said that his new update is in the “home stretch” of development and now most efforts are on polishing it and destroying the relic bugs. He added that it would be worthwhile to see the new features included to run through the game from the start, but much of the content in the update is for endgame players.

Earlier this year, Baron teased exciting new material for the Stardue Valley, and the pictures he shared included a new back door in Willie’s hut. One feature we know is coming for both consoles and PC is split-screen cooperative drama. Baron said that the total number of players supported can vary depending on the system, possibly with four-player support on some platforms and two-player support on others.

The popularity of the Stardue Valley has certainly surpassed his inspiration: Harvest Moon. Baron’s project began because he wanted to play something similar to earlier games in the Harvest Moon series, and it became a runaway success. In early 2020, it sold 10 mllion copies.

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