Star Wars Legend novels, including Heir to the Empire, reprinted

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Image: Disney / Del Rey

When Disney restarted the Star Wars Canyon, the old canon didn’t die, it was just … reprinted. Or such is the case of three classics, beloved Star Wars novels, which will receive some stylish new editions this June with some really phenomenal artwork.

Del Rey has announced that Timothy zahn‘s Heir to the EmpireBy Drew Karpyshyn Path of destructionand Matthew Stover Shatterpoint will be the first three of a complete line of Star Wars Legends (aka the old canon) novels relaunched as larger format commercial paperbacks. Take a look at his artwork:

As for the Legends novels to start with, these three are solid choices. Heir to the Empire, of course, introduced Grand Admiral Thrawn, a villain so beloved that he was recanonized in Rebels. Path of destruction is set during the Old Republic and serves as the biography of Darth Bane, who reformed the Sith into his master-apprentice pairing. Shatterpoint It was the first Clone wars novel and starring Mace Windu. (If you’re wondering why your new audiobook matters, it’s because the original recording was shortened.)

All three books will be available June 15, and more Legends novels will be reprinted during the fall. Which ones do you hope are in the lot? I suppose not Crystal star.

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