Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Mod adds an ideal Mandalorian

Together Star wars 1313 Canceled, we are finding the possibility of a Star Wars game about bounty hunters in the future quite serious. Thankfully, an assistant modder has come to give us the next best thing: Deen Zarine Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Added protagonist from NexusMod user AlexPo21 Mandalorian The game, complete with its full costume from the show’s second season. The Din Zarine character model comes with custom cosmetic options, including their cape and jetpack wear options. According to Alexpo 21, the model works best when combined with the Stormtrooper Voice Pack mod for the game – which was originally created by user KillerKarth.

Mod has a minor quicker JD: Fallen Order Has almost no equal combat to speak of, and since Deen is the most frequent means of combat, he has found a new arsenal here. Like Cal Kestis, the protagonists of the original game – since this model is just a replacement for Cal – use the Deen Light to take out enemies of the enemy Fallen order. But in a loophole on the mod’s official page, AlexPo21 says that they are currently working on a working blaster, jetpack and flamethrower.

While this is not the full-fledged bounty hunter game that fans can expect, it is a great looking mod, and a great excuse to go back and play. Fallen order Again.

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