Star Trek Discovery Trailer: A Bold New Future

Michael has a new Starfleet to retain.

Michael has a new Starfleet to retain.
The image: CBS

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Crew of Search Was made A terrible sacrifice At the end of season two, leaving their lives as they knew them and leaving the ship behind 930 years in the future, Where the federation is under some strict tension of its own (again). Now it seems that this is meant to remind Michael and his friends what the Federation has struggled to stand for.

Star trekAll are included Star trek Day Livestream event kicked off with the latest look of the third season Search, Since our first That major glimpse Last year at New York Comic-Con.

International fans can watch the trailer here.

After presenting us once again on the grounds that this is a 32nd century federation — broken and shattered by a holocaust called “The Cataclysm” – the new trailer gives us a taste of the rough times we face is SearchAs they crew into strange new worlds, they find themselves as mysterious new factions by strange technology, as few as New characters They will meet in this distant future. Including David Ajala’s mysterious book, which looks like he will be very close Search Crew.

Star Trek: DiscoveryThe third season begins on CBS All Access 15 October.

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