Star Trek Discovery pays tribute to Deep Space Nine Knog actor

Enstig Nog has gone up in Starfet's projections.

Enstig Nog has gone up in Starfet’s projections.
The image: CBS

Last year, a man behind a Deep space nineMost Charming Characters – Ferengi Criminals War-Wounded Official nog of starfleet-Aron Eisenberg, Sadly passed away In 50 years. A year after his death, Star Trek: Discovery Awarded him Together A touching tribute In the distant future.


This week’s episode Of Search, “die trying, Opens with our time-jump crew – who flew themselves into the 32nd century At the climax In the second season — the survivors of Staphlet and the Federation’s mainstays are in the wake of the catastrophic resource disaster known as Bern. this is the first time this In season one we really get a glimpse of what the stars of the 32nd century Federation are-Farthest point is in us Main series in Star trek Timeline – looks like.

But the all new cool technique (DDenied Knackless! Programmable case!) And shouts of fun like Eleventh USS Model Sailor, In the eyelid-and-you-miss-it-moment, one of the new Starfleet ships Search Flies en route to the Federation headquarters have a short, simple, touching name: USS Peg.

Here is a quick snapshot in case you miss out!


The image: CBS

This is a small moment, but there is a key to what it means Star trekOwn learning. Eventually, Nog made history as the first Ferengi in Starfleet, which was on the front lines with the DS9 and one of the most important Starfleet crew. Defiant During the Dominion War. He is not just an example of what a Firangi can do to overcome prejudices from an enlightened society like the Federation, but is a hero of Starfleet.

It is only fitting that 800 years of events Deep space nine, His name is Honorable which can be fitted with choice The enterprise And Sailor More than worth remembering in Starfleet’s Vanguard. What a beautiful way to honor Eisenberg’s memory.

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