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"Star Trek" by Quentin Tarantino to be qualified R

Earlier this month, reports surfaced about Quentin Tarantino's plans for Star Trek . A new update from Deadline has just confirmed that Paramount is moving forward with the director's release, and it will be a R-rated task.

According to the new reports, Tarantino released the Star Trek movie to JJ Abrams and Paramount. The director then met with a writers room containing Mark L. Smith, Lindsey Beer and Drew Pearce. Deadline says that Smith seems to be the favorite to catch the script of the movie, and that's not all. If the reports are correct, Tarantino is requiring that his Star Trek project be rated R, and Paramount agreed to the condition.

"This was important for Tarantino," explains Deadline, "who hopes to direct this Star Trek and who has directed R-rated movies throughout his career."

When it comes to scripts, Smith's style would fit with Tarantino's vision. The favorite candidate is best known for co-writing The Revenant starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The writer has also worked on several horror projects such as The Vacancy . The other contestants in the writers room have a lot of work backing up on their resumes. Pearce script credits include projects such as Iron Man 3 while Beer & # 39; s is supervising Godzilla vs. Kong .

The deadline says that one of the three writers will be caught quickly. The film will be planned while Tarantino films his next feature film about the Manson murders in 1969.

In the past, Tarantino has emphasized his interest in making a movie from Star Trek . The director appeared on Nerdist's podcast to explain what fascinated him about the franchise.

"I think one of the best episodes of Star Trek ever written was for [ Star Trek: The Next Generation ] said Tarantino, talking about the episode" Yesterday & # 39 ; s Enterprise, "where an Enterprise ship of the past breaks a temporary fault and alters the course of history." In fact, I think it's not just one of the great spatial stories, but the way it dealt with the mythology of all the matter, which could actually take a two-hour treatment.

"Because everything with that episode that was so great, they save the ship, but little do they know if they keep the ship it's actually in a different period of time, but they do not know it," Tarantino said. "But what ends up happening it is – because the timeline was wrong, everything changes – the characters do not know it, but we know it, and the thing is that it turns out that the Klingons and the humans on earth have had this one hundred year war that has been happening, and it is the bloodiest war imaginable in the history of any universe. "

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