Star Citizen is not a “pipe dream”, says studio founder, won’t take decades to finish

Some discussion on the current status of Star Citizen and its roadmap bubbles up on the official forums of the space game, with feedback from one of the major developers. Developer Cloud Imperium Games founder Chris Roberts has reiterated that the team he is building is not a pipe dream, and it won’t take decades to fully release.

The answer was given in a thread, which began with a discussion of some planned additions, such as the system of room environments, then evolved into a back-and-in at the level of response that relates to the cloud eperium, and indeed What is endgame In a lengthy response, Roberts says that players often do not see the full picture, and that they have not compromised their original vision for MMO games.

“I understood from your answer that it’s taken time and have priorities that you’re disappointed in, as you think we’re focusing on the wrong things. I can see that point of view, but you can take it out. Seen, without knowing fully what it will take, and to deliver this gameplay needs to complete the order that would set Star Citizen above everything else. “, He writes. “This is the sport I’ve seen all my life. Now I am in a position to realize it, I am not willing to compromise it potentially because I am taking longer to imagine than originally. ”

Later in the post, he claimed that Star Citizen is not a “pipe dream”, and that he will not guarantee when it will happen, but the full release is coming along, and the roadmap will continue to move forward. He said, “I can tell you that the gameplay you mentioned is not a pipe dream nor will it take 10 to 20 years to deliver.” Roadmap web work is done You will be able to see the progress of teams to get what you describe in real time. ”

During the post, he stated that the player-count is on track to reach one million unique users before the end of the year. Star Citizen crossed the $ 300 million mark in funds raised earlier this year, with the expanding single-player Spinoff Squadron 42 meant to be released this year, but we had very few words on the official status. A roadmap to address concerns was prepared in August.