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Stanton gets tired of the giants, cardinals

SAN FRANCISCO – It's been a week since the Giants met with Giancarlo Stanton, and there's still no resolution in sight. That just tells him a lot of what he needs to know about Stanton's preferences, and a report from Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic on Thursday night confirmed that Stanton still has not been enthusiastic about the Giants or the Cardinals.

Rosenthal wrote that, according to several major league sources, "Stanton does not want the San Francisco Giants or the St. Louis Cardinals." Both venues met with Stanton and his representatives last week in Los Angeles and both teams reached tentative trade agreements with the Marlins. Stanton, however, controls the process.

The Most Valuable Player of the National League has a complete no change clause and for a long time it has been believed that he would prefer to spend his best years playing for the Dodgers, who are a few kilometers from where Stanton grew up. Sources told the NBC Sports Bay Area earlier this week that, while the Giants rely face to face against the Cardinals, they still see the rival Dodgers as their biggest competition for Stanton.

Rosenthal echoed those sentiments and added that Stanton is also open to joining the New York Yankees. Up to this point, the Dodgers and the Yankees have not been seriously involved in Stanton's pursuit, but at some point the superstar was able to force the Marlins' hand.

Despite a situation that seems to cloud every day that Stanton is still waiting, the Giants have not indicated that they will put a calendar in the discussions and force Stanton to choose a team. Sources said this week that the Giants believe Stanton will inform them of a decision one way or another at the start of the Winter Meetings, but until Thursday, there had been no news of Stanton's camp. The annual event starts on Monday in Orlando, and at some point the Giants will feel pressure to move on to other businesses and try to fill other holes.

For now, they have not reached that point, and Rosenthal's report included a note that should allow for continued optimism. "Stanton's thinking is fluid, other sources say," Rosenthal wrote, "it does not deal in absolute terms."

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