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The NHL has gone on the edge of an unprecedented 56-game 2020-21 NHL season that will feature an actual division, a new schedule format, and adjustments to the playoffs.

Four new divisions are made up of an All-Canadian division, and three divisions geographically divide the 24 US teams. All regular-season games and the first two rounds of playoffs will be played within those divisions, so if acquaintances actually breed contempt, it will be a season of extreme contempt as long as all is said and done .

As we do every season at Athletic, we told our hockey writers about how we look at the coming weeks and months, for all the winners, losers, pleasant surprises and upcoming performances. . let’s enjoy.

Best of nhl divisions

Our choice for the four division winners reflects the geographic concentration of talent in the east, the lack of said talent in the west and the uncertainty on the north of the 49th…


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