Standard Hotel is closing its Sunset Strip location on Friday – Deadline

The Sunset Boulevard Celebrity Hangout The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood is scheduled to close on Friday, ending with a 22-year run as a site for Hollywood parties.

The site, formerly owned by hotelier Andre Balazs, who also owns the nearby Chato Marmont, opened in 1999 with the financial support of Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz and Benicio del Toro. The showbiz’s roots in the site were reflected in its interiors, which were originally created by film set designer Sean Hausman.

A post on the company’s website said, “It is with a heavy heart that we should announce the closure of The Standard, Hollywood, which will close its doors indefinitely on Friday, January 22.” “Despite 22 years of unconditional love for our hotel, our guests, our team and our community, the hotel was unable to stop the significant growth in its lease, which makes the property impossible to operate.”

The post continued, “Alive with personality and individuality, and the backdrop of countless mythologies, Hollywood was the birthplace of The Standard’s culture. It features its timeless design, live musical performances in Desert Nights, blue astrotruff pool scenes, in ‘The Box’ Living art, and many late, blurry nights in our nightclub avatars: Purple Lounge, came to life through Mammam and Giorgio. While there will be more standard hotels, there will never be another standard, Hollywood. And although it It is painful to say goodbye, we know that the community we have inspired will survive. Thank you for everything. We are forever grateful. “

Balazs sold its interest in the property and its management company in 2017. There were five hotels in the US called The Standard, including two in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Miami and New York. It is not clear whether other sites are affected by the sunset strip closure.

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The hotel was known for its reverse logo and its celebrity cash, thanks to which many parties were thanked at the venue.

The Kovid-19 epidemic has severely affected the hotel industry. The hotel’s landlord, a Spain-based real estate investment firm, could not immediately be reached for comment on plans for the site.

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