Stan Van Gani agrees to become Pelicans’ new coach

The New Orleans Pelicans have reportedly found their man. According to ESPN, Stan Van Gandy has agreed a deal to become the Pelicans’ next coach Adrian Wojrowski And Andrew Lopez. This deal is for four years Shams Charaniya Athletic. Van Gundy last served as the Detroit Pistons’ coach from 2014 to 2018. Prior to that, he coached the Orlando Magic from 2007 to 2012 and the Miami Heat from 2003 to 2005.

Van Gani has experience when he gets deep into the postson of the major teams. He led the Heat to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2005 (they lost to the Detroit Pistons in seven matches) and his Orlando Magic team made it to the NBA Finals in 2009, where he won five matches in Kobe Bryant-led Los Angeles. Were defeated. The Magic made it back to the conference finals in 2010.

In New Orleans, van Gundy became the seventh head coach in franchise history, and will serve as the successor to Alvin Gentry, who failed to qualify for the fourth consecutive season in five seasons with the Pelicans team in August after failing to play Plessen Attended later. . Van Gandy learned soon after initial reports that he had accepted the job that he was excited to be the successor Young roster working with talent – including Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram, Junior Holiday and Lonzo Ball – as he will be tasked to team up as a perennial contender in the competitive Western Conference.

Van Gundy’s reputation as a great teacher of the game, coupled with the fact that his team has usually been solid defensively, were reportedly major factors in the New Orleans decision. Considering the fact that the Pelicans are such a young team, teaching ability is expected to come in handy.

During his four seasons in Detroit, Van Gandy held the dual titles of both president and coach. As such, he was responsible for making personnel decisions. Although that won’t happen in New Orleans, as he will only serve as the Pelicans’ coach, Per Wojnarowski. The Pelicans have built a solid front office and a respectable roster under executive vice president of basketball operations David Griffin – a roster that Van Gundy has convinced coaches to get given that he is excited given the fact that he Twitter insisted on it In July.

Van Gaddi wrote, “Can’t be good, because Zion was back, they were 11-9 and offensively in 11th place and defensively in 8th place.” “And they have 8 boys 25 or younger (Zion, Ingram, Ball, Hart, Jackson, Hayes, Alexander-Walker and Okefor). Pelicans fans will be excited.”

With all the young talent on the roster, Pelicans fans should be really excited, and now that the team has hired an experienced, respected head coach, they have even more cause for optimism.

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