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Stan Lee sued former manager for alleged theft

Stan Lee has just filed a suit the size of the Hulk against his former commercial manager.

The magician of Marvel Comics is suing his former manager Jerardo Olivarez for allegedly cheating him for millions of dollars and even stealing his blood, according to legal documents obtained by PEOPLE.

After Lee's wife, Joan, died at the end of 2017, the comic book legend "became the target of several unscrupulous businessmen, flatterers and opportunists who saw the opportunity to take advantage of [his] in a downhearted mood, "according to the complaint filed by Lee in Los Angeles.

Olivarez, the lawsuit alleges, "was one of those opportunists." After Joan's death, according to the lawsuit, her former manager and other plaintiffs consolidated control of Lee's professional and personal life. and "caused the transfer of approximately $ 4.6 million dollars from [his] Merrill Lynch Account without [his] authorization."

Lee also states in the complaint th in Olivarez "convinced [him]" to create a "false charity" called Hands of Respect, which, according to Lee's lawyers, was used to channel Lee's money into the pockets of Olivarez

For example, the documents state that a check was taken from Lee's assets for $ 300,000, supposedly a loan to Hands of Respect. But the loan allegedly has never been paid and is not "evidenced by any loan document." In addition, Lee's lawyer says that his signature on the check "is a forgery or was obtained by Olivarez under false pretenses."

In addition, the complaint states that his former manager persuaded him to buy an $ 850,000 apartment in Los Angeles for the exclusive use of Olivarez. "Olivarez, as Lee's trusted advisor and fiduciary, simply bought a house with Lee's money without Lee knowing," the documents say. "In addition, almost $ 1.4 million disappeared from Lee's accounts through a series of complicated electronic transfers initiated and finally received by Olivarez."

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Olivarez did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment, however, he spoke with The Hollywood Reporter for a research article published on April 10.

"Mr. Lee told me that he had given him a new life after the death of Ms. Lee," Olivarez said. "I looked for him during the recent contract negotiations with Pow! [Entertainment, the production company Lee co-founded in 2001.] He gave me a check as a thank you."

He also claimed that Lee is in the condo title of $ 850,000, because after Olivarez allegedly received unspecified death threats, Lee wanted him to live nearby in "a safe building where he thought he would be safe." [19659002] Lee also accuses his former manager of inserting himself in his will and confidence, establishing a series of unapproved businesses that have left him exposed to lawsuits, investing "tens of thousands of dollars in a linked business that was a scam," falsifying his signature in comics and using his credit cards for "unauthorized purchases".

In the most extravagant indictment of the lawsuit, Lee claims that Olivarez launched a "diabolical and macabre" scheme "to sell the blood of the icon." "Olivarez had a nurse inject Lee with a syringe and extract many containers of blood, which then sold Hands of Respect in Las Vegas as a collector's item for thousands of dollars." This was done without Lee's consent, according to the documents, which state that the plan "aggravated Lee's pain and anguish and caused him tremendous emotional distress."

Lee is suing for fraud, financial abuse of an elder, misappropriation of his name and likeness and other charges. You are looking for unspecified damages.


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