Stacey Abrams said she was “reprimanded” for “refusing to object” in the 2020 comments.

Defender of the right to vote Stacey Abrams She said Tuesday that she felt reprimanded and insulted in the summer of 2020 while enduring questions about her ability to handle the position of vice president of the United States when then-candidate Joe Biden was considering choosing her as his running mate. Abrams spoke with author NK Jemison on the first day of the South by Southwest festival, which takes place almost this year.

“They reprimanded me for refusing to object and pretending I didn’t have the ability to do the job because I didn’t have the title and the positions that people were used to seeing they had,” Abrams said, adding that they asked him a question with which very few people have to fight.

“There were all these insults instead of looking at the fundamental question. They asked me the question that white men are not asked, ‘Are you qualified?'” Abrams said.

The former Georgia secretary of state said there is “absolutely a bewilderment” in society with “the audacity of people of color who think we belong in the spaces and declare that we deserve to have access.”

In 2018, Abrams lost the Georgia gubernatorial race to Republican Brain Kemp by less than 55,000 votes. He said that “blocking so many thousands of voters certainly had an impact on the outcome” and jokingly referred to his career trajectory as “an asymptote of success.”

“I’m very, very close to crossing the line, but I never get over it,” Abrams said. He noted that he has been able to become more involved in activism for the right to vote “due to an act of perfidy by someone in power who decided that people who looked like me should not be so active and proactive in their politics.”


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