Stacey Abrams and Cyftrofter Host to Animal Crossing Twitch Stream

Tomorrow, after a runoff election in Georgia, control of the United States Senate may be decided for the next two years. To raise awareness about the upcoming election, racial inequality and the importance of voting, Fair Fitch founder Stacey Abrams is set to join streamer Tanya “Cyroftoftier” DePass on Twitch. In a stream co-presented by Total Nerd, the two will be playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons On the Nintendo Switch. The Twitch stream is set to kick-off at 7:15 pm ET, and ASL interpreters will be available. Those wishing to check the stream can see the link here.

More information about the stream can be found in the tweet from Cyftoft, which is given below.

Politicians are increasingly seeing Twitch as being able to communicate with younger audiences about the importance of voting, as well as other important social issues. In particular, Congress President Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez showed the game in Twitch on several occasions over the past few months. among us. The first stream of AOC’s game attracted 400,000 concurrent viewers, while a follow-up stream resulted in more than $ 200,000 being raised for various charitables.

Given the popularity of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, The game means a lot for this type of stream. Many politicians used the game last year to reach gamers, including AOC and President-elect Joe Biden. like among us, Animal Crossing: New Horizons It was one of the biggest games of 2020, so it will be interesting to see if the games (and Abrams) are able to attract attention in a similar way. It should be an interesting watch for those wanting to get more information about Georgia’s part-race, rather than how many viewers tune for the stream, and they just want to enjoy an animal crossing stream.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. You can check our previous coverage of the game right here.

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