‘Squad’ member Rashida Talib says ‘Israel is a racist state’

Rape Rashida Talib, D-Mix., “Democracy Now!” But recalled Israel as a “racist state” during an interview. On Tuesday, discussing the low vaccination rate of Palestinians.

The host, Amy Goodman, noted that Israel is one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, at 20%, while Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank – where Talib’s family members are – are believed not to have given them vaccines went.

Asked to take him, Talib stated that “it is important to understand that Israel is a racist state in which they will refuse to use the vaccine to my grandmother like the Palestinians; they do not believe that she is an equal human being who lives.” Is worthy; deserves to be protected from this global epidemic. ”

Tallib said, “It is difficult to see because this apartheid state negates its own neighbors, the people who breathe the same air that they breathe, live in the same community.” “I hope our country sees that the Palestinians have for too long tried to tell us: that Israel has never had any intention of caring for or allowing equality or freedom for them as neighbors. And you can see it with delivery. Vaccine. ”

Meets new announcements in the West Bank

Talib said that Israel has the power to distribute vaccines to Palestinians, but their alleged refusal to do so exemplifies what they believe: “a post-apartheid situation.”

Data from a tracking site operated by Oxford University shows that Israel has given more COVID-19 vaccinations than any other nation. The Palestinians, however, are not included in the rollout.

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According to a report by The Guardian, Israeli officials said that Palestinians may receive surplus vaccines and that the Palestinian Authority has not officially sought help.

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