Spotify's new feature allows you to mute artists

Spotify has quietly released a new feature that allows users to block any artist from playing automatically on playlists, graphics, radios or personal libraries of users, such as Billboard Point out The function is available to activate and deactivate in the menu bar of the page of each artist. Once an artist is locked, Spotify will prevent songs from that artist from playing, although they can remain included in any playlist.

The feature can not track when an artist appears in another person's song (that is, it appears as "ft. Artist" in the title of the song) but is not credited as the main artist. The lock feature is currently available to access the Spotify mobile app, but has not yet been extended in the desktop application or the web player versions. Pitchfork has contacted Spotify representatives to get more information.

Last year, Spotify removed the music of XXXTentacion and R. Kelly from their editorial and algorithmic playlists, as part of a Hate Content and Hate Conduct policy. After the reaction of the users and the players of the industry, the giant of the transmission returned to the march several weeks later and restored the music of the artists to the playlists. The new Spotify feature comes in the middle of the #MuteRKelly movement height.

Read the feature "How do we live with music made by problematic artists?"

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