Spotify's music player for car could be launched this year

Do you remember that the Spotify car player device was being developed last year? It seems that it has returned to be on the agenda, with a possible launch in 2019, bringing Spotify to its engine without the need of a mobile phone.

According to a Financial Times report, the tone-pumping add-on will offer voice control capabilities and will cost around $ 100 (approximately £ 75 or AU $ 140). It will apparently synchronize with your car's stereo via Bluetooth and offer quick access to your favorite playlists, although it does not seem to have a touch screen or a screen of its own.

What is not clear from the anonymous sources that speak with the Financial Times is whether it will have some 4G / LTE connectivity power on board, or if it will have to load it with melodies before leaving home. It can also be tied from a telephone connection.

Keep up with Amazon and Google

It's not hard to see why Spotify would want to launch something like this, although it's relatively easy to make Spotify play in a car over a phone. Alexa is now in the car, and Google Assistant is now in the car, so Spotify will want to keep up.

According to a special offer that was leaked to some Spotify users, the device under development will have a mobile data connection to transmit on the move, possibly pointing to an additional subscription fee: get the speaker and the data moving by a fixed monthly fee on (or in lieu of) your existing premium subscription.

So far there is no indication of exactly when Spotify in 2019 will present its loudspeaker for the car, but considering the time these rumors have run, we suggest that it be sooner rather than later, which provides another option for music on the move

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