Spotify, YouTube and others are reimagined as retro anime technology


The likes of Instagram, Spotify and YouTube may be modern high-tech internet services, but all have their roots in another era or badog technology. Now, an artist has imagined that these services were actually made for that time, be it a Polaroid camera with the Instagram brand, a Spotify cbadette player or a VHS tape player with the YouTube color scheme.

Well, to be fair, the designs of the conceptual artist Sheng Lam, indicated by Kotaku earlier this week, no technically they are based on, but it would not sound for SoundCloud or YooTube for YouTube.

Lam's anime-style illustrations look at what the likes of Netflix and Twitter would look like in an era before the Internet. Netflix (ahem, I'm sorry, Netflex) is a big CRT TV, of course, while Twitter (more so, Tweeter) is a Telegraph key, used to send messages in Morse code.

If I had to do it right, say that SoundCloud's emphasis on DIY music makes the service better suited to a cbadette player than Spotify, but the art is so attractive that I think it gets its way.

You can see the high resolution images on the ArtStation page of Sheng Lam, and there are also prints available in Print.

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