Spotify Wrapped: Here’s How to Watch Your Top Music for 2020

In addition, some premium users will be assigned a Tastemaker badge to receive a significant amount of followers in various playlists, the Pioneer badge for listening to a certain song, before reaching 50,000 streams, or the collector badge for a significant number of playlists. To add to the playlist. this year.

Under the tag line of “One song helped you do it all,” Spotify also narrated “The Story of 2020 with its Top Songs”, which dates your first stream to 100 with the most streams for the day. Reaches the 4th stream. .

Spotified personally included the “Your Top Songs 2020” playlist with 100 Top Songs of the Year with Consumers and a bonus “Missed Hits” Discovery Playlist with 100 songs that consumers missed but still enjoyed this year Is the time of Users from the US, UK and Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada can dig deeper into their top performers of the year with a mixed media cue of “on record” playlists, music and podcasts.

According to the streaming service’s overall 2o20 rapped data, Bad is the best-kept artist YHLQMDLG LP The Weeknd’s most well-organized album, “Blinding Lights”, is the most streamlined song, and Billy Ellisch is the most well-organized female artist worldwide for the second consecutive year.

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