Spotify will launch a music player in the car later this year

Spotify plans to launch a music player in the car with voice controls later this year, anonymous sources said. Financial times. Spotify has previously used this type of product with pop-up screens in the Spotify application that some customers see, such as The edge reported in April, but today's news confirms its existence even more. the Times He says the device will cost around $ 100. Its rumored release occurs when companies like Apple (with CarPlay), Google (Assistant and Android Auto) and Amazon (Alexa) compete for dominance in the car.

Spotify's first hardware device will try to deliver music more directly to customers instead of using Apple's CarPlay or Google's Android Auto, platforms that are found in the newest vehicles the company already supports. It will be synchronized with the car's sound equipment via Bluetooth, like a smartphone, and will include buttons that you can pre-select to match your favorite playlists. The device will support voice commands such as those currently offered in the Spotify mobile application, but other hardware features such as storage capacity and whether the device will offer LTE cellular connectivity are unknown.

Having a single-purpose Spotify device that can be left in the car at all times could be more convenient than playing with the phone constantly to play songs over Bluetooth (or with an auxiliary cable). It could also be safer, depending on where you can bademble the product. While CarPlay and Android Auto can be set up to play with Spotify, not everyone has access to the software platforms for Apple and Google cars, and needs to connect to get the best experience.

Designing a device for Bluetooth compatible stereo systems gives Spotify a much broader base of leads and guarantees support for more vehicles, but convinces people that need It could be a difficult sale. The best idea could be to combine it with the Spotify music service, and the company seems to be exploring this: Spotify's previous mentions of the product in the car suggested it would be offered as part of a new monthly subscription, although it could require a commitment from 12 months. We have contacted the company to comment on today's report. Earlier this week, Spotify launched a simplified car viewing mode for its Android application, which is automatically activated when it connects to the Bluetooth system of a vehicle.

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