Spotify Introduces New Genre and Mood Filters for Songs I Like

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Photo: Spotify

Finally, you can sort the music in your Playlist of Songs you like on Spotify.

Clicking Play in Playlist Songs I Like on Spotify has always been a bit tricky for me; I never know if I’ll get Steely Dan or Phoebe Bridgers or “Pony” from Ginuwine. If this sounds like you (maybe sans “Pony” but that’s your business), Spotify luckily began to unfold genre and mood filters today for free and premium accounts.

Spotify says that for anyone with at least 30 songs on their Likes Songs playlist, they will be able to filter their music with up to 15 custom categories of genre and mood. However, these genre and mood filters are populated based on the music in your playlist. That means if you change the playlist by adding or removing titles, your mood and genre filters can also change.

To enable the feature, go to Your library and select Songs you liked. Below the “add songs” button, but above the actual playlist, you should see additional bubbles showing your humor and genre filters. To filter by a specific category, select the bubble. To disable it, simply click on the “X” that will appear next to it. In Spotify’s demo of the feature, some of the filters included things like chill, indie, electronic, rap, and folk.

Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see the feature right away. Spotify said it’s coming to iOS and Android in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia “in the coming weeks,” so stay tuned.


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