Spotify and Apple Clash on New Apple One Subscription Bundle

  • Apple on Tuesday announced a new bundled subscription service called Apple One, which includes existing services such as Apple Music, Apple TV Plus and Apple Arcade.
  • Music streaming giant Spotify reacted to Apple accusing it of antichromatic behavior, stating that the bundle allows Apple to favor its services to deter developers.
  • Before it caused irreparable damage to the developer community, it called on regulators to investigate Apple’s power.
  • In response, Apple stated that “customers can discover and enjoy each of Apple’s service options,” and that the bundle “is a great value for customers and a simple way to access Apple’s full range of subscription services Way. “
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Spotify has accused of antiemetic behavior, following the announcement of Apple One, a subscription bundle that combined existing services including Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, and Apple Arcade.

Following Apple’s Tuesday announcement, music streaming giant Spotify immediately stepped in and told regulators that the bundle would harm both consumers and developers.

“Once again, Apple is using its flagship services and behaving inappropriately to deprive competitors and favor consumers in favor of their own services,” Spotify said Statement. “We call on the competition officials to take immediate action to stop Apple’s anti-Semitism, which, if left unchecked, will cause irreparable harm to the developer community and our collective freedom to listen, learn, create and Will threaten to connect. ”

Apple condemned in a statement Reuters. “Customers can discover and enjoy each of Apple’s service options,” it said. “We are introducing Apple One as it is a great value for customers and a simple way to access Apple’s full range of subscription services.

“We would recommend the Apple One plan which saves you the most money based on the subscriptions you already have. This is perfect for anyone who loves any of our services and wants to get more for less, And it’s especially great for families. ” The select services included in the Apple One are available to enjoy on non-Apple devices, and you can cancel anytime. ”

This is not the first time Spotify has accused Apple of antichromatic behavior.

It filed an official complaint with the European Union in March 2019, stating that by operating the App Store as well as starting its own music streaming service, Apple could give itself an unfair advantage. In an open letter at the time, Spotify CEO Daniel Eck accused Apple of “intentionally harming other app developers as both a player and referee”.

Apple responded forcefully, accusing Spotify of trying to reclaim the benefits of the App Store without contributing to it.

The European Union launched an investigation into Apple’s App Store policies in June this year as a result of Spotify’s complaint, specifically examining Apple’s mandatory 15–30% commission on payment for the app.

Apple has been involved in several high-profile fights over that commission over the past few months, including “Fortnite” creator Epic Games and Facebook.