[SPOILERS] The half credit scene of Brightburn & # 39; and the Easter egg James Gunn that you could have lost!

James Gunn may not have directed Brightburn (read our review), but your fingerprints are everywhere. And it turns out that the David Yaroveskydirected film, which tells the story of an extraterrestrial child (Jackson A. Dunn) that lands on earth and discovers that he is evil and has superpowers, has some Easter eggs for fans of Gunn's superhero movie in 2010 super!

In that movie, short-time chef Frank Darbo (Rainn Wilson) becomes a superhero without having any superhuman abilities (calling himself "Crimson Bolt") after his wife Sarah (Liv Tyler) leaves him for a drug trafficker (Kevin Bacon). If you pay close attention, you will see Crimson Bolt in a brief and sudden error during the final credits of the film. Keep reading for the scoop!

*** MASSIVE SPOILERS for Brightburn follow***

During Brightburn 's final minutes, Tori (Elizabeth Banks) attempts to murder his super-villainous son Brandon (Dunn) by stabbing him with a piece of his own ship (the only material capable of hurting him). Unfortunately for her, he grabs her arm just as he is about to deliver the death blow. Betrayed, he flies high in the sky above the clouds, carrying Tori with him. Then he shares a last look with his mother before dropping it to the ground below. As he watches her fall, she notices an airplane flying towards him.

Cut to the remains of the Breyer farm, which has been sacked by a plane crash, leaving all pbadengers (and, according to the butcher's news, both of Brandon's parents) dead. Brandon appears as the only survivor and the movie ends.

During the last credits of the movie. (fixed in "Bad Guy" by Billie Eillish, no less), Michael Rooker he makes a surprise cameo as a news anchorman that shows images of a mysterious (for him) flying child that is causing havoc in the United States. While speaking, several still images appear on the screen that show other "super" heroes captured by the camera, and one of them is none other than the Crimson Bolt!

That was not the only super Easter egg in Brightburn. According to CinemaBlend, it was not a coincidence that the movie's diner (who acts as the setting for one of the From Brightburn more memorable pieces of the series) was called Darbo's Family Grill (that writer missed that detail). It seems that Frank opened his own chain of diners after the events of his movie!

This means that Brightburn is in a universe shared with super? Will Brandon and the Crimson Bolt face off in a future film? hopefully BrightburnThe box office will take flight (sorry) so we can find out!

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