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Spoiler Alert: Rescue “The Rescue”, Season 2 Final of Disney + Mandalorian, It is very revealing.

No Baby Yoda did not turn to the dark side of the force, and he did not board Mod Gideon’s ship as Mando with the help of Bo-Katan, Cosca Reeves, Kara Dunne and Fiac Shand. Royal Ship. Mendo wants The Child Back and Bo-Katan wants Darksaber and Gideon’s head, as well as his spaceship. However, Kara wants to keep the Imperial boss alive in tonight’s season season 2 finale, directed by Peyton Reid and written by series creator John Favreau.

So what’s the most breathtaking Mandalorian Episode till date?

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Luke Skywalker (a young CGI version of Mark Hamill not unlike the young Carrie Fisher we saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) And R2-D2 show up to save the day and take The Child back to the train. It was a shock that nobody was really expecting. We could see that Throne could finally make an appearance tonight, and some even speculated that Ezra Bridger from the animated series Star wars rebels The Child aka Grug was obliged to train, but alas, the younger man always had to be under Luke’s supervision.

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Luke shows in the final moments that our heroes are about to be picked up by a troop of dark soldiers. Even though Mendo had previously released them into space via an airlock, they retreated to the bridge during the climax, where our Mandalorian and Bounty Hunter Gang had Gideon in the cuffs. Luke flies with his X-Wing, sliding through the dark troop like a storm and butter. By the way, the dark troop are not far from the Terminator in relation to metallic endurance, and it is impossible for a man like Mando to take them out; Our protagonist finally hugged one with his basecar staff. Before Luke reveals his face, we know from Greenshaber, the black glove, the Jedi get-up, that this is Anakin Skywalker’s son.

At first The Child is reluctant to accompany Luke, but Skywalker’s son tells Mando that he should allow Baby Yoda to leave as his master. Mando takes off his helmet for the second time this season, and gives his approval to The Child. Gideon first told Mando that The Child “has been blessed with rare qualities with the ability to bring order back to the galaxy” (gosh, sound familiar?), And was able to get the blood that was He wanted a child. After arriving, Luke tells Mando that Baby Yoda is “strong with force, but talent is nothing without training. I’ll give my life to save the baby, but he won’t be safe until he Does not master his abilities. “

Bib Fortuna
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But wait, there is more Return of the Jedi Luggage. If you play the credits sequence, we see Bib Fortuna, Zeba’s old right-hand man sitting on his throne. Fennek enters shooting most of the creatures around him, and is destroying the Blue Dancing Girl’s fetters. Boba then enters. Bib said, “Boba, I thought you were dead!”. Boba then kills him and takes the throne in Jabah’s palace. now what?!

And although we’re not left with a major cliffhanger at the end of season 2 here; It appears that Baby Yoda has moved forward for a moment, possibly returning for a cameo with Luke in the future. Looking at the scenes we saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi After Ben Solo malfunctions Luke’s temple, it will be wild if Adam Driver returns in the coming season. I was really hoping that the child would go dark and say goodbye to Gideon, or be completely separated from Mando.

However, there is a swing for season 3 here Mandalorian:

-Tonut Mando Bo agrees to join Bo-Katan and Cosca Reeves’ quest to recapture Mandor to help them save the haircut. As Bo points out, the Mandalvas have been in exile for a very long time. We can easily expect Bo, Mando and Koska to return to their home planet in season 3.

Mandalorian Season 2

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-But there is a twist: it is Mando who is in possession of The Darksaber. And as Gideon points out, the one who wins the weapon in battle has a direct claim to the Mandalore throne. This means that Mando is the king of Mandalor. He tries to get Bo to produce Darksaber, but Gideon says there is no way: he must win from Mando in a fight. “Without the blade, he pretends to the throne,” says Moff, an axiom that confesses Bo to be true. So what happens? Does Mando keep Kalabazar and become the leader he never expected, or Bo fights him?

-When is Thron going to show? And Ezra?

-What for Muff Gideon today? Kara takes him alive, right?

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-As Darksaber removed the nuts coming out of season 1 and speculated that he would dive in season 2 Clone wars Canon and the characters, arguably the biggest headscratcher, came out of last weekend’s Season 2 episode “The Tragedy”. What is Mando’s past with the empire in God’s name? When Mendo unmacks himself and his face is scanned and identified by an Imperial computer, that brief, slightly out of hand order shouts that we have unanswered questions about this man.

Until next Christmas when season 3 falls again.

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