Splash Mountain of Disney World shows Twitter video after the ride breaks down

He signed up for a splash, and wound up with a washout.

Visitors to Walt Disney World were removed from the iconic Splash Mountain ride over the weekend after the aquatic attraction suddenly broke.

The famous Log Flume Ride at Magic Kingdom experienced some technical difficulties on Sunday and guests aboard the Theme Ride in Orlando, Fla., Had to leave their vehicles, fan site inside Magic Reports.

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A Twitter user said that officers stopped the ride “just before the drop”. It is unclear what went wrong with the attraction.

In a one-minute clip posted on the platform, two parkgoers chased a Disney cast member to exit Splash Mountain, who exited the site and roamed the back-to-back area of ​​a nondescript building.

Disney’s Splash Mountain located in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

“Not so glamorous here, is it?” The person behind the camera said with a laugh.

“This part we try to hide, usually,” the cast member replied with Chakli.

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Twitter account WDW Stats said that Splash Mountain closed around 9:30 am, and reopened after close to six and a half hours around 4pm.

Theme park fanatics may remember this is the second time Splash Mountain has broken in recent weeks.

In early August, the ride made headlines when the Log Flume vehicle reportedly sank; A social media user claimed that guests were asked to stay inside the sinking boats.

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Disney was contacted for further comment.